Here it all begins: what Top Chef event is tonight’s episode inspired by?

The great competition between the Auguste Armand institute and other renowned schools begins this evening in “Here everything begins”. With a first test launched by Michel Sarran which obviously recalls an emblematic stage of the “Top Chef” program.

At the heart of the intrigue for a few episodes now, the great inter-school competition opposing the Auguste Armand institute to other renowned culinary establishments will finally begin this evening in Here everything begins on TF1.

And in addition to the presence of chef Michel Sarran, who joins the cast of the daily soap opera in his own role during this great intrigue which will mark the departure of Clément Rémiens, Top Chef fans will not fail to notice a nod to their favorite show during the episode aired on Monday night.

Indeed, for the first round of the competition, Michel Sarran will ask the different pairs, composed in particular of Maxime and Teyssier (Benjamin Baroche), Enzo (Azize Diabate) and Louis (Fabian Wolfrom), and Elodie (Sarah-Cheyenne) and the Chef Cardone (Alexandra Vandernoot), to reproduce a blind recipe.

And only the students, who will be blindfolded, just like their teachers, will be able to taste the dish in question before trying to make it again with the help of the chefs who support them.


This test of the inter-school competition of Here it all begins, at the end of which a first pair will be eliminated, necessarily refers to the test of the black box, cult moment of Top Chef present in each season of the show. culinary experience of M6 since the third edition in 2012.

In Top Chef, the “black box” traditionally opposes two teams. The members of each team taste a dish in the dark and then try to reproduce it as faithfully as possible, trying through touch, smell and taste to recognize the ingredients and the cooking techniques used.

After the arrival of Michel Sarran, the production and the writers of Here everything begins have obviously had fun placing another nod to the successful show of M6, in which the chef Sarran will no longer appear the next season.

See you this evening on TF1, and now on Salto, to discover this blind test of Here it all begins, which will launch a competition which still has many surprises in store for viewers and its participants.

Will Maxime emerge victorious from the competition before bidding farewell to school in two weeks? Or will he experience a hard defeat against Louis? Answer in the next episodes.

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