Here it all starts: what awaits you in episode 345 of Monday, February 28, 2022 [SPOILERS]

In the next episode of “Here it all begins”… While Jasmine wants to flee, Kelly provokes her mother. At the same time, Noémie leaves Calvières.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here it all begins broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Monday, February 28 in Here it all begins…


At the roommate, Jasmine has been awake since four in the morning and is bursting with energy. So much so that she intends to give everything in the kitchen and even prepare meat. Faced with this change in behavior, Greg would like to know if she has taken her treatment. Jasmine then assures her that she is, then takes her medication in front of her eyes before getting down to preparing breakfast.

Later, Anaïs confides in Jasmine that Teyssier thinks her responsible for his attack. Fearing that the director will make her live a real hell, Anaïs knows that she has no other choice but to get her hands on the real culprit.

For her part, Constance is looking for Jasmine. As Greg and Eliott indicate that she is in class, the nurse explains to them that she found her rather irritable last night and that she fears that she is no longer stabilized. Because of the vomiting, it is very likely that the young woman’s body no longer absorbs her treatment. However, Constance wants to be reassuring. With anti-emetics, everything should go back to normal quickly. She therefore asks the couple to bring her to the infirmary at the end of the day.

Meanwhile, Anaïs tells Lisandro that Teyssier is convinced that it was she who threw the stone at him. While the head of the ward isn’t surprised considering everything she’s done against the institute over the past two weeks, she swears she had nothing to do with it. Only, Lisandro no longer knows who she really is and even less about their relationship. When he reproaches her for having sent Jasmine to return her bunch of keys, Anaïs retorts that she never asked him for such a thing.

Furious, Anaïs goes to see Jasmine at home to get an explanation. The latter then recognizes that she did this to prevent her from dropping the animal cause. After asserting that she would never have done that, Anaïs points out to him that she had no right to make this decision for him. However, Jasmine feels that there are causes more important than others before adding that she has finally done him a favor. Stunned by the words of her friend, Anaïs, who is angry, the sum to mind her own business and never approach her again.

During chef Guinot’s lesson, Anaïs confides in Eliott about Jasmine’s latest escapades. When he tells her that she is probably in a manic phase, Anaïs goes to the roommate and questions her to find out if it was she who assaulted Teyssier. Back to the wall, Naël’s mother apologizes to him because she didn’t want it to fall on her. Seeing Teyssier go after her, Jasmine was so angry that she took a rock to knock him out. While Anaïs pushes her to denounce herself, Jasmine refuses because she is afraid of being fired.

At the end of the day, Eliott and Greg discover Jasmine in tears at the roommate. Without beating around the bush, she says that she was the one who attacked Teyssier and that she decided to leave with her son so that the police and social services did not fall on her.


Stéphane takes advantage of his son coming to visit him to tell him about the discussion he had with Laetitia. Insofar as he would like to know if it would make him happy for Kelly to settle in the family home, Lionel replies that he would like to. Obviously, this hardly enchants Stéphane.

Back at the institute, Lionel reports to his girlfriend that his father is in agreement for them to move in with him. Seeing that Kelly does not understand what he is talking about, the Lanneau son declares that Laetitia went to speak to his father about his desire for independence. Unfortunately, Kelly imagines that her mother did this to be quiet with Guillaume. Even if it would make her happy to live with Lionel, Kelly has no desire to leave home and intends not to let it go.

At the end of the lessons, Kelly joins her mother then reproaches her for wanting to get rid of her. Laetitia may certify the contrary, Kelly does not believe her.

Later, Guillaume and Lætitia find Kelly and Lionel in the park. They do try to convince Kelly that all this is a simple misunderstanding but she doesn’t hear it. To annoy Laetitia, she agrees to move in with Lionel no longer with the Lanneau but with them.


Despite Noémie’s ban, Zacharie had Teyssier come to the Table des Rivières to taste his dessert. Only, the young woman categorically excludes it because she only went back to baking for fun and not to get broke. As Teyssier prepares to leave, chef Landiras guarantees that his dessert is a success. Convinced of his talent, he gave Emmanuel a taste of Noémie’s latest creation.

Against all expectations, Teyssier considers it fine, delicate and elegant. That’s why he then sends him the contact of the great pastry chef Brenlin. Indeed, the latter is looking for a young talent to train in Singapore. As there are already people on the spot, he urges her to call him as soon as possible so that he can recommend her. And to add that he did not bother to make her work all these years so that she spoils herself in a snack bar on the beach. Since he insists that she do it, Noémie, very moved, replies “yes, boss! “.

Afterwards, she announces the good news to Gaëtan who makes her understand that it may be the best thing that could have happened to her after all that has happened. Although it hurts him to say this because he has no desire to see her leave, Gaëtan pushes her to fulfill her dream.

On his advice, Noémie finally called the chef and has to be in Singapore in a week. So she packed her things to take advantage of the little time she has left to visit her parents and her sister. For his part, Gaëtan is not ready to say goodbye to him so quickly. Very moved, the young woman indicates that she is also leaving because she is afraid of changing her mind and that she does not want to stay for the wrong reasons. Right after, they hug each other warmly and Noémie begs him to let her go. When Gaëtan tells her how sorry he is, Noémie retorts that she has already forgiven him. Before she gets into her taxi, the Rivière son wishes her the best and then places a kiss on her forehead.

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