here’s how often you should wash your washcloth, according to a dermatologist

The washcloth, even if it is used less than at the time for washing, requires, just like a bath towel, special care to remain as soft as it is clean for your skin. But then how often do you wash it to avoid any risk for your skin? Find out if this interval is good thanks to the advice of a dermatologist who reveals all the tips for properly maintaining this bath accessory.

Even if the bathroom is a place that is most often associated with cleanliness, this does not mean that bacteria and microbes do not nestle in unimaginable places! A study presented by scientists had also shown the link between the presence of fecal matter on a toothbrush and the presence of sanitary facilities in a bathroom. But the toothbrush or makeup brush would not be the only accessories harboring microbes, the washcloth would also be particularly affected.

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Often hung in the shower with bath flowers or thrown in a ball between two shower gels, the washcloth nevertheless requires specific maintenance so that it is not bad for the health of your skin. The treatment given to this type of bath accessory can create real conditions conducive to the proliferation of bacteria and microbes. It is in this context that a dermatologist, Nina Roos, revealed all her tips for properly maintaining your washcloth, we tell you everything!

When to wash your washcloth and when is it important to change it?

If you are from the team of those who wash with a washcloth rather than using your hands or a shower flower, know that this little accessory requires a minimum of maintenance and more particularly regular washing. The heat and humidity of a bathroom are conducive to the proliferation of bacteria and microbes and therefore be bad for our skin, as the dermatologist explains: “The risk is common to all these objects, it is skin infection“. This specialist therefore recommends washing your washcloth every 3 to 4 days if you use it daily and otherwise one wash per week is sufficient.

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Another important point disclosed by the specialist, it is important to hydrate well after a shower, but also to avoid using a washcloth when you suffer from sensitive skin since you could simply irritate your skin. In this type of case, it is possible to replace your average washcloth with a horsehair washcloth which will not only respect your skin, but which will also activate blood circulation.

Maintaining your washcloth: how to do it?

Each wash of a washcloth must be carried out in the washing machine on a program of at least 60° in the same way as bath towels. Hot washing not only eliminates all bacteria and microbes, but also the presence of grease stains or dirt of any kind. For drying, if you do not have a tumble dryer or towel dryer, you will need to dry it flat in the open air to prevent moisture from accumulating in one place.

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For maximum organization, the dermatologist also advises rotating with 2/3 models of washcloth in order to rotate and be able to wash them correctly. Once washed, these small accessories should be stored in a dry, closed cupboard not exposed to air and dust.

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