Hide 10s in a stealthy snowman within 25m of an opponent, Winter Festival 2021 challenge

A new set of challenges is available for players from Fortnite on the occasion of the end of year celebrations. This is hardly surprising, considering that Epic Games always has an event at this time of year. For 2021, it is the return of the Winter party and all that that implies. Every day, you will have to complete a small quest to obtain nice rewards. The eleventh challenge of this holiday requires hide 10s in a stealthy man within 25m of an opponent.

How to hide in a stealthy snowman within 25m of an opponent

If you are a former player of Fortnite, you should know how to complete this challenge without too much trouble. Otherwise, know that you have two solutions. The first is the simplest: to go to a place where we find snowmen to hide in it and wait for an opponent or directly go look for one. However, this can be time consuming and therefore quite tedious.

The second option is hardly faster, but it will give you more possibilities. It’s all about betting on luck and getting a stealth snowman by searching a chest or as loot on the ground. It might only take you a few seconds, like several minutes.

In any case, depending on the option you have chosen, we indicate two places in which you will find snowmen for sure, on our map below. Note that you can obviously move while being hidden, which suggests that the first solution may be the best.

Once you’ve stayed within 25 yards of an opponent for 10 seconds, you complete the challenge and earn 18,000 Season XP.

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