Hillary and Giovanni’s Wedding: Her Stunning Wedding Dresses Revealed

Hillary Vanderosieren is a married woman! On June 25, 2022, several images of her wedding to Giovanni Bonamy were shared by guests on Instagram, revealing her two magnificent wedding dresses. On the day, the blonde beauty chose an off-the-shoulder mermaid dress, her sleeves falling delicately over her arms. In white lace, set with sequins and pearls, this dress perfectly matched the shape of the young woman. Wearing a half-ponytail from which hung a long veil of white lace, the former candidate of the Ch’tis also wore an elegant pearl necklace.

In the evening, the former candidate of reality tv angels did not take off her pearl necklace (perhaps an accessory that would respond to the tradition that a bride wears a new, loaned and old object on her wedding day?) but opted for a princess dress, flared on the legs with XXL neckline. The top of her dress was also set with thousands of small white pearls and she wore a diamond crown.

For his part, the groom – who had to spend the day in a wheelchair due to a recent accident in front of their house – wore a traditional tuxedo with a bow tie and a boutonniere to match his bride’s bouquet. Admiringly, their friend Julia Paredes nicknamed him the “superhero” of the day. “Despite the wheelchair and the crutches, he always kept smiling, fishing and good humor even if it was not to be simple” she confided on Instagram.

During the party, Julia was also treated to a delicate attention from the bride and groom for her son Vittorio who was celebrating his first birthday on the same day. As a gift, the blond got a huge cake! “It’s their wedding day and they still thought of our son despite planning their wedding! golden people” she confided.

After having said “yes” in front of the altar, the spouses invited their loved ones to come and admire a sumptuous fireworks display in their honor. In her story, Hillary also revealed an image of her wedding ring set with diamonds as well as that of her husband, a Cartier wedding ring from the Love collection.

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