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While the pre-tour of the Ary Abittan show was supposed to begin in November, the first dates were canceled or postponed after the comedian was indicted.

Supposed to go on tour for his show titled For real, Ary Abittan has already started to postpone the dates. Scheduled for a tour from January, the show was to begin its “break-in” in small venues in November. Having to perform at two performances per city, in Versailles, Lyon and Lille, the comedian was forced to cancel his dates. The tour has yet to be canceled and is slated to begin in January, but the schedule can still be scrambled. The dates from January to June are always announced.

Beyond the next canceled dates, the promotion of his show is also upset. Within the production of the third part of What have we done to the good Lord?, many discussions are also underway. Present in the casting since the first film, Ary Abittan takes over in What have we all done to the good Lord? the role of David Benichou. And if the film is not supposed to be released until February 2022, the teams are already considering whether to promote without the actor.

The beginnings of a case

Placed in custody after the complaint filed by an acquaintance, Ary Abittan was indicted for rape on November 2. The young woman accuses him of having imposed non-consensual sexual practices on him on October 30. The lawyer for 23-year-old alleged victim, Arash Derambarsh, spoke of facts of a “Incredible violence”. After a search carried out at the actor’s home, bloody sheets were found. The 47-year-old comedian has since been placed under judicial supervision. For now, the investigation is ongoing, and the actor, denying the facts, is presumed innocent. While waiting for new decisions, the time necessary for the conduct of the investigations will perhaps again be a brake on the other plans of the career of the actor.

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