his surprising secrets about his twins Jacques and Gabriela

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A happy dad? Albert of Monaco confides in his twins Jacques and Gabriela. Charlene’s husband is happy.

We are used to seeing Charlene of Monaco show his love forr the twins Jacques and Gabriela, a little less their father. Crazy in love with his wife, Prince Albert II of Monaco recently unveiled his greeting card with their children.

And the happy dad also told more about his son and daughter, who have celebrated their eighth birthday this Saturday, December 10. Seen recently on a tender snapshot with Albert, their mother had shared a nice video bringing together photos of Jacques and Gabriela to wish them a happy birthday.

This Tuesday, December 20, the prince spoke about their character in the pages of the American site People : “The twins are doing very well. They are amazing. They still have to focus on their homework for a bit, but what parent doesn’t say that? They have just turned 8 and like all children their age, they are sometimes a little distracted.

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Albert of Monaco: a father fulfilled by his children

Albert of Monaco continued on the attraction of young people for social networks but specifies: “They are both very athletic and, at their age, they would still rather play with their friends in the playground than get to work and learn their lessons. They are very active and always very curious about everything”. Not surprising when you know that their mother Charlène is a former swimming champion.

Jacques and Gabriela’s father also reveals what their interests are: “Yesterday, we went to see, with them, this little christmas piece in a small theater here. They are following a theater workshop this week at the same place. They do Taekwondo and tennis at school. And swimming of course. They have a busy schedule.”

Albert of Monaco explains how children manage their future functions : “Whenever there is an event coming up, Charlene and I discuss it and when we both agree that they should be with us, then there is a little explanation of the meaning of the event with children. We tell them what is happening and why, it is important”. An admiring father of his offspring it would seem…

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