HOF Extreme 50S: the faster than fast PCIe 5.0 SSD from Galax


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June 22, 2023 at 10:30 a.m.


Galax HOF Extreme 50S © Videocardz

© VideoCardz

“Hall of Fame”? We don’t mince words at Galax for the launch of a new series of SSD.

Announced for the first time last December, the HOF Extreme 50 range signed Galax is therefore not a novelty. On the other hand, the 50S model has just been announced by its manufacturer.

Compete with Corsair and Crucial

At the very end of last year, Galax had indeed been among the first manufacturers to present an M.2 SSD model using the PCI Express Gen 5 standard. The objective was of course to break speed records.

Galax HOF Extreme 50S © Videocardz

© VideoCardz

Unfortunately for Galax, despite excellent performance, the HOF Extreme 50 in its 1 TB capacity version was unable to reach the 10 GB/s threshold, whether in reading (9,500 MB/s) or write (8,500 MB/s). The release, in stride, of a 2 TB version corrected the situation a little with 10,000 MB / s in reading, but “only” 9,500 MB / s in writing.

Meanwhile, Corsair and Crucial managed to overtake their competitor with, respectively, the release of the MP700 (10,000 MB/s read and write) and the T700 (12,400 MB/s read, 11,800 MB/s write). writing).

Over 12 GB/s read

It was enough to see Galax react and recently announce the upcoming release of a supercharged version of this HOF Extreme 50, without however the company specifying the technical changes made.

© VideoCardz

One thing is certain, however: Galax has revised the performance of its product upwards, and the HOF Extreme 50S in the 2 TB version will offer the best speeds. Galax is actually talking about 12,400 MB/s in reading and still 11,800 MB/s in writing. Yes, these are perfectly identical speeds to those advanced by Crucial on its T700.

In addition, it should be noted that the input-output operations per second (IOPS) in writing of the HOF Extreme 50S increase by 20% compared to those of the HOF Extreme 50: we go from 1500K/1250K (read/write) at 1500K/1500K.

While no release date or pricing has yet been mentioned, we finally learn that the controller, Phison PS5026-E26, should remain the same, and that a 4 TB version of the SSD is also planned.

Source : VideoCardz

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