Home for girls hit: 21 civilians killed in attacks in Syria

met home for girls
21 civilians killed in attacks in Syria

According to activists, scores of civilians have been killed in two attacks in Syrian cities not under the control of the Assad regime. Once it hit a market and once a home for underage girls. In addition to the dead, there are many injured.

According to the latest information, at least 21 civilians have been killed in two attacks in northern Syria. People died in two different attacks, activists and Kurdish authorities reported. One attack occurred in the town of Al-Bab, northeast of Aleppo, controlled by pro-Turkish Syrian fighters, and the other near Hasakeh in the northeast of the country, where the Kurdish-dominated military alliance Syrian Democratic Forces rules.

In Al-Bab, “17 civilians, including six children, were killed and 35 others injured in artillery attacks by pro-regime forces on a market,” the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported. An AFP correspondent at the scene confirmed that residents and rescue workers were rushing to evacuate injured people from destroyed fruit and vegetable stalls containing body parts.

In Hasakeh, the Kurdish Autonomous Administration said that “four children were killed and eleven others injured” in a night-time Turkish airstrike on a home for underage girls. The Observatory confirmed this number. The UK-based observatory draws its information from a network of local whistleblowers. The information provided by the organization can often hardly be verified by an independent party.

Since May, Turkey has been threatening a major offensive against the Kurdish forces that control most of northeastern Syria. According to the SDF and the observatory, Turkish drones have been flying more frequent attacks there since July.

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