Hope for farmers – study now wants to examine pig farming

“Had a pig!” – university professors at BOKU Vienna now want to scientifically investigate the free-range farming of the Hubmann family from Gerersdorf in the St. Pölten district.

More than a year ago, the “Krone” reported on the alternative pig farming of the Hubmann family from Gerersdorf in the St. Pölten district. In contrast to other agricultural businesses, the brothers Andreas and Thomas rely on a system in which the animals are kept in mobile shelters in the fresh air and do not have to spend their lives on completely slatted floors. However, this alternative animal husbandry system was not approved by the authorities. There are concerns on the part of the St. Pölten district administration that nitrogen could get into the groundwater – the removal of around 400 pigs is threatened. Interest from the universityAfter media uproar and several protest actions by the Association against Animal Factories (VGT), there is now a happy turn of events: The University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna (BOKU) recently submitted a project application for funding. A four-year study will examine the pig farming of the Hubmanns and five other companies in Austria that have already adopted this system in terms of animal welfare, soil health and nutrient input into the groundwater. However, this requires temporary approval from the authorities, which has not yet been granted to the Hubmanns. BOKU’s interest is at least a step towards the proper maintenance of operations.
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