Horoscope: 3 zodiac signs Mercury’s retrograde will be hit particularly hard from August 23rd

Mercury turns retrograde on August 23 – and this affects these zodiac signs in particular

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As if the Virgo Sun wasn’t enough, the next phase of Mercury’s retrograde will also begin on September 23rd. You can read here what this means and which zodiac signs are particularly affected.

To get one thing clear from the start, when we say a planet is in retrograde, we mean that from Earth’s perspective it appeared to be moving backwards when we observed it. In truth, no planet ever changes direction. The Earth sort of sometimes passes a few fellow planets in our Milky Way, and since we don’t realize ourselves that we’re on a moving body, we would think that the objects we’re overtaking as Earthlings are flying backwards.

On August 23rd there will be another such constellation, which will last until September 15th, with good old Mercury. Although Mercury is the smallest planet in our solar system, its vibrations and energies are said to affect one of our most important, central and complicated areas of life: social interaction, thinking and communication. No wonder astrologers have quite a lot to sort through and interpret during periods of Mercury retrograde.

During this phase of retrogression, Mercury is in the earth sign Virgo for the entire period and let’s put it this way: This could be particularly challenging for people with a strong sense of order. As always, this Mercury Retrograde holds some opportunities: We can now make up for one or the other and, looking back, gain insights that we overlooked at the moment. Overall, however, as a precautionary measure, it is generally better to expect greater irritability and more frequent overreactions – on our part and on the part of other people.

to the following According to the horoscope, the sign of the zodiac has a particularly strong effect on Mercury.

Horoscope: These zodiac signs are particularly affected by retrograde Mercury from August 23rd


Aries primarily brings uncertainty and confusion to Mercury’s retrograde. Especially after August 27th, you can sometimes feel lost and doubt yourself and your path. This is very unpleasant, especially for you as a self-confident fire sign who prefers to progress with passion and conviction. But in our universe everything has a purpose. Facing your doubts now can strengthen you in the long term and take you further.


Taurus can shake Mercury Retrograde in Virgo, which is related to them, especially in terms of health. You are now more vulnerable and less resilient than usual, sensitive to stress, and prone to engaging in unhealthy behaviors. Admittedly, that doesn’t exactly sound like a gift that the universe is offering you. But maybe it wants to give you a reason to take care of yourself, to take care of yourself and to take care of yourself. And with that you might ask yourself through the flower why you need a reason for it at all.


Virgos can prepare for the fact that many things will annoy them very much over the next few weeks. A retrograde Mercury in your sign is just exhausting for you. You feel trapped in a chaotic world where you have far too little control and power to even begin to establish order. Other people see freedom in chaos and find inspiration in it, but for you it is primarily a lack: of rules and structure. It’s best not to take on too much, practice gratitude and patience and remember that life is not always beautiful and easy can.

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