Horoscope: how sensitive are the zodiac signs?

People, as far as we can lean out of the window, sometimes differ greatly in terms of their sensitivity: While some perceive even the smallest signals through which they sense the moods of their fellow human beings, others do not even notice that their counterpart is offended when it snaps openly at you. And while some quickly feel overwhelmed by stress and high demands, others stay as cool as chocolate ice cream and cope with the situation without batting an eyelid.

Sensitivity has multiple dimensions and being extra sensitive can have both advantages and disadvantages. In general, sensitive people perceive their environment and fellow human beings more intensely and in greater detail. What happens around them usually touches and moves them more deeply than is the case with less sensitive people. In this respect, sensitive people tend to be more compassionate and appear more considerate, but they are often easier to shake and sometimes appear thin-skinned and sensitive.

Seen in this way, sensitivity or high sensitivity is neither a strength nor a weakness – it is just a quality that we have or not. How we deal with our properties, i. H. Whether we use it for ourselves and our life or quarrel with it and constantly stumble over it, is again up to us.

You can find out which zodiac signs are most sensitive and which are the most insensitive according to astrology in our gallery above.

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