Horoscope: The strawberry moon on June 4 gives 3 zodiac signs new energy and joie de vivre

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Which zodiac signs will the strawberry moon bring the most luck in June?

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The next full moon is on June 4th. The moon phase gives the following zodiac signs a powerful boost of energy.

It felt like only five minutes ago the new moon, but in fact the current lunar cycle is already very far advanced: On Sunday, June 4th, we will reach its half-time and at the same time its climax with the full moon. The exact time of the full moon phase for us in Central Europe is in the early morning hours: At 5:43 a.m. is the moment when our satellite is directly opposite the sun – with us on earth in between – so that we can see its illuminated side and it appears to us as a circular disk in the sky. Theoretically. Practically and optically, on the nights between Friday and Tuesday we will see a moon in the sky that looks like a full moon to us. At the moment of the calculated peak, however, we will probably see comparatively little of our little companion in the sky that is already illuminated by the sun. But of course that doesn’t mean we won’t feel the full moon.

Like every full moon, the June moon has a seasonally inspired name: Brachmond was brought into it by traditions in German-speaking countries, which – like most German moon names – reflects earlier agricultural practices. At the time of the three-field economy, in which the soil was divided into three sections and based on this was used differently in annual rotation, June was typically the month in which agricultural workers worked the fallow areas. Therefore Brachmond.

The Algonquin, on the other hand, an indigenous people of North America, chose, as they did in most cases, a purely nature-inspired name for the June moon: The Strawberry Moon, so the strawberry moon, marked for them the season in which the fruits of the Wild strawberries ripened.

This year, the Strawberry Moon or Fallow Moon occurs in the fire sign Sagittarius and makes an ascending movement in this phase. According to the horoscope, the following zodiac signs experience a real energy boost in the course of this.

Full moon horoscope: 3 zodiac signs the strawberry moon brings a sweet boost of energy


The Strawberry Moon gives Aquarians a great deal of momentum and courage to tackle changes in their lives and to believe in their personal ideas and priorities. At the moment you have a lot of clarity and a cool head. How you interpret the world around you is coherent and meaningful, how you order and sort things – of course always with the caveat that they are provisional – shows wisdom and intelligence. Taking action now and taking action will pay off for you. It is therefore wonderful that the Sagittarius full moon supports you in this.


Pisces experience a powerful boost of self-confidence and composure during the fall moon. You are now experiencing your inner strength with particular emphasis, remembering all the obstacles and difficulties you have already mastered in your life and therefore looking fearlessly into the now and into the future. A good opportunity to set personal goals and draw up plans – you currently assess your potential and strength realistically, whereas you otherwise tend to underestimate yourself.


Sagittarians are currently feeling charged and relaxed at the same time. You are clear about your life goals and priorities and you are on the right track in this regard. The full moon in your sign confirms your actions, feelings and thoughts and provides you with extra energy and joie de vivre. Other people are now a source of inspiration for you and enrich your horizons – without confusing you or throwing you off your path.

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