Horoscope: These 3 zodiac signs have the best week from November 15th

These zodiac signs have their best week from November 15th to 21st

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The full moon and Mars pose challenges for us in the week of November 15-21. You can read here which signs of the zodiac, according to the horoscope, have wonderful days to expect.

The third week of November and at the same time the last week with the sun in the zodiac sign Scorpio is all about the full moon on November 19th, which can favor conflicts of internal and external nature. In addition, the conjunction of Mars and Uranus triggers uncertainties and makes some people suspicious of their own abilities. Mercury and Uranus promote honest, direct and sometimes thoughtless communication that can be worthwhile in some cases and hurt in others.

The following zodiac signs don’t need to worry about the week of November 15th to 21st, the stars are generally favorable for them.

Horoscope: These zodiac signs have the best week from November 15th to 21st


Pisces have a lot of imagination, creativity and creativity, which now meets an extraordinarily sharpened vision by Neptune and Lilith. Good prerequisites for drawing up plans for the future that go beyond tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. You will also be able to look behind the facade and recognize essentials and fundamentals with above-average speed and clarity. You will particularly benefit from this gift this week as it enables you to remain calm when other people are startled by the appearance of things. It is important that you trust your inner voice and not allow yourself to be guided by external forces.


Taurus get the chance this week to see how much they have evolved over the past few months, and that makes them rightly proud. You have freed yourself from ballast and restrictive beliefs, have become more courageous to make independent decisions and listen to your heart. This is not a matter of course, it takes strength and effort. When it comes to relationship issues, you currently have an excellent instinct for striking the right note. Or to feel when it is time to be silent.


For Sagittarians, this week is a good time to return to yourself and clean up thoroughly. By now you are mature and strong enough to face the questions and / or pains that have overwhelmed and scared you in the past. Granted, that’s not exactly fun. But it is necessary so that you can move forward on your path and feel liberated. During the process you will notice that it is good for you and that it helps you to develop your powers and your true being. Don’t be afraid of this trip, just look forward to it. It may not be easy – but it will definitely be worth it.

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