Horoscope: These 3 zodiac signs have the best week from November 22nd to 28th

Those are the lucky ones of the week from November 22nd to 28th

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The shooting season starts in the week of November 22nd to 28th. This marked the beginning of the end of 2021 – at least from an astrological point of view. You can find out here which zodiac signs are especially blessed with a lot of luck and positivity according to the horoscope.

With the change of the sun from Scorpio to Sagittarius, the new week is heralded. November is slowly but surely drawing to a close. First and foremost, this means that we can finally officially sweeten the endlessly dreary days with gingerbread, fairy lights and mulled wine or children’s punch and indulge in a pre-Christmas mood – after all, Sunday is already the first Advent.

Cosmic mood

In the cycle of the moon we are now in its waning phase, which was initiated with a partial lunar eclipse. The season of the Scorpio is over. Both the Sun and Mercury move into the sign of Sagittarius. From an astrological point of view, the waning moon stands for reflection and inner peace. It is now important to rely on our innermost being and to look at our own capacities with a realistic view. Mercury in the sun and Lilith now combine confidence with care – that can only magically attract success. We’ll now reveal which zodiac signs the stars are particularly favorable for.

Horoscope: Those are the lucky ones of the week from November 22nd to 28th


From Wednesday both the sun and Mercury will be sextile to your sign – from an astrological point of view, the current planetary constellation is tantamount to an upward movement that affects almost all areas of your life. Suddenly things are going really well. Your recently slightly damaged self-confidence is back. Saturn also ensures that even the last doubt disappears from your heart. It is also important now that you do not lull yourself too much into the happiness of this high phase, but instead take the strings in your hands. Especially when it comes to career issues, you can now dare bigger leaps, Mars is in an energetically favorable position and supports you in this.


Geminis feel like they are in the fast lane this week. The alternation of sun and mercury in Sagittarius releases energies that literally inspire you. Maybe accompanied by a little carelessness, but where is the fun if everything really goes according to plan? In the event of defeat, you are definitely armed with a good dose of humor. Because what’s the name of it? Laughter breaks all resistance. This renewed zest for life also awakens your interpersonal relationships. You poke your loved ones around you and infect them with positivity. Uranus creates an extraordinary dynamic that allows partnerships to flourish or new acquaintances to develop. Who knows, you might even find your twin soul?


If you feel like you are stuck in your routines and on the spot, then the perfect time has come to make a change. The planetary constellation, especially Mars and Uranus, provide positive energies and build your self-confidence properly. The fear of change or being offended has been blown away – this is particularly popular in the world of work. Furthermore, your relationship house – the area of ​​love, lust and passion – is intensely occupied and lets feelings flare up. In existing partnerships, this ensures an intense high phase. And singles thrive emotionally and are now especially open to bonding.

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