Horoscope: These zodiac signs often confuse letting go with giving up

These zodiac signs often confuse letting go with giving up

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The horoscope news in the Brigitte ticker: confusing these zodiac signs, letting go and giving up.

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20th of April

These zodiac signs often confuse letting go with giving up

Giving up has a pretty bad reputation in our society. Those who fight and bite through are admired, those who give up are considered losers – and therefore feel like one. In fact, one could question whether this really has to be the case. Do we want to see life as a series of struggles, and people, who win most of them thanks to their tenacity and perseverance, as role models? We could, for example, look at it as a walk, where the aim is to make as many interesting or beautiful observations as possible.

Certainly some things are worth fighting for. For life itself, for example, or for love and happiness. But just not to give up out of ambition and because it has a bad reputation, even though fighting makes us unhappy, is actually questionable, isn’t it? Especially since: If we didn’t rate giving up so negatively, we wouldn’t be so disappointed in ourselves if we did it.

There is also another reason why this wicked reputation of giving up is problematic: giving up can be very similar to letting go. Most psychologists agree that being able to let go is an important skill and strength. According to astrology, the following zodiac signs typically have great difficulty recognizing letting go as letting go – and so they often think it is giving up.


Taurus typically find it particularly difficult to change their minds or adjust their values. They believe that by doing so they are giving up their point of view and their security and admitting that they were wrong – and that what they had was not good enough. That’s why the earth sign sometimes comes across as stubborn and almost defiant. It thinks that if it gives in, it gives up and has lost. But that is a big mistake.


Cancers usually have difficulty letting emotions slip through. You always have to fathom everything that is going on in you and others, if you don’t succeed, it sometimes torments you more than the original feeling itself. In relationships, too, the watermark is incredibly difficult to let go. Cancer would prefer not to admit that we can fall out of love with someone. In his opinion, when a partnership breaks up, those involved have given up and failed – not let go.


Swam over it and further in the text? An impossibility for the Scorpio. And a sign of weakness. The watermark wants every act avenged, every favor redeemed. In the interpersonal area, the Scorpio does not simply tick anything off. Even when he sets himself a goal, he usually holds on to it until he has achieved it. To Scorpio, not arriving means having failed and wasted time. Because “half measures” are not an option for him.