Horoscope: Those are the lucky ones of the week from June 7th to 13th

Those are the lucky ones of the week from June 7th to 13th

Horoscope from June 7th, 2021: Three zodiac signs are now particularly lucky.


New moon, solar eclipse and a Mars change to Leo. You can read here which zodiac signs have particularly positive powers according to the horoscope in the week from June 7th to 13th.

From an astrological point of view, June is pretty tough: retrograde Mercury, retrograde Saturn, Mars change to the zodiac sign Leo, various shooting stars and an annular solar eclipse are currently mixing up our galaxy quite a bit. In the upcoming week from June 7th to 13th, we will be particularly affected by the solar eclipse at the Gemini new moon on June 10th, the Mars transit in Leo on June 11th and the librids on June 6th and 7th. This whole spectacle gives the following signs of the zodiac particularly positive energies.

Horoscope: Those are the lucky ones of the week from June 7th to 13th


Pisces feel an intense confidence and lust for life these days. The watermark feels that its fate is largely in its own hands and looks forward to actively shaping its own future. This (pre-) joy is justified, because soon Jupiter will intervene and come around the corner with an opportunity that can turn a dream into reality.


Venus encourages you to follow your own heart, and the solar eclipse helps you to recognize behavioral patterns and mental blocks that prevent or make it difficult. For Cancer, this can be a week of (self) knowledge and growth. At heart, Cancer has long known that it is good and right to trust yourself, enough to open up to other people. Now the time seems to be ripe to add action to this deep-seated knowledge – which is promptly rewarded with positive experiences.


A lot is currently in motion with the Scorpio, especially in the interpersonal area. This offers the opportunity to redistribute roles, to compare and harmonize the understanding of the relationship as well as the expectations of the other person. The pronounced sensitivity and depth that make up the watermark will prove to be radiant and valuable in this context. Mars sends physical as well as mental energy and the well-intentioned advice: Loose and relaxed things are much easier for us and we reach our goal more happily.

Source used: BRIGITTE two-week horoscope