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On the catwalks, gold liner has stole the show from the traditional graphic and charcoal line. And for good reason, with these light coppery undertones which echo the seasonal colors, it gently intensifies the look. The little extra: you don’t need to be an eyeliner virtuoso, eyeshadow and a brush are enough to achieve it.

How to apply gold eyeliner?

1/ Start by applying a primer to the entire upper eyelid. If you don’t have one on hand, you can use concealer. This gesture allows the glitter to adhere better to the skin.

2/ Lightly moisten a fine, dense brush, ideally with a spritz of makeup fixative or, failing that, with a little water.

3/ Take a little gold shadow, tap the brush on the case to remove the excess then apply along the eyelashes by tapping to crush the pigmentss.

3/ Add a touch of black mascara to the upper lashes, stretching the material from root to tip. For an even brighter look, you can apply a little gold shadow on the tips of the eyelashes.

4/ Finish by evening out the complexion with a foundation that boosts radiance and enhancing the mouth with a slightly pinkish lip balm.

I’m a newbie, what should I do?

Choose an eye shadow with a cream texture. The glitter is less volatile. Also good are the stick versions which are very easy to apply.


  • I have blue eyes: opt for a copper eyeshadow to highlight them.
  • I have green eyes: choose a gold-pink shade which will bring out your irises wonderfully.

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Thanks to Charly Barbier, Director of Training and Artistry at NARS.

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