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Exfoliation of the face is an essential step if we are to claim beautiful skin. But then which exfoliation to choose between mechanical and enzymatic? An expert answers.

To have perfect skin, there is no secret! It is enough not to miss any of the 4 essential steps of an exemplary beauty routine. What are they ? First, every night remove makeup your face. It is important to remove all traces of makeup from her complexion, mouth and eyes. Then think about to clean your skin. A step to be carried out in the evening, after removing make-up, but also upon waking up in the morning. This makes it possible to rid the epidermis of all the impurities accumulated during the day or at night. Then always end with a moisturizer. Finally, once a week, do not miss the scrub ! Exfoliating your skin allows you to remove the dead cells that accumulate and boost your glow. This is the essential step for perfectly clear skin, but also so that our epidermis can best absorb the care we provide.

What are the differences between mechanical and enzymatic scrubs?

There are a multitude of different scrubs, even scrubs mechanical and enzymatic. But what does this really mean? To answer this question, we interviewed a skincare expert, namely cosmetologist Ole Henriksen. “Mechanical exfoliation is done using mini particles that will manually remove dead cells and reveal softer skin. The so-called chemical exfoliation (also called enzymatic) is based on the ingredients, either AHA, BHA or PHA to detach dead and dehydrated cells on the surface of the skin, which has the effect of encouraging cell renewal “ he told us.

So, which one to prefer according to your skin type? According to Ole Henriksen, we can use both depending on the skin concern we want to target. “The mechanical scrub stays in contact with the skin for less time because it rinses itself out, with a instant fresh skin. Chemical exfoliation will act more in depth and treat hyperpigmentation, wrinkles and fine lines with an action on the long term. “

As for sensitive skin … “when I give advice to my clients, I always alert them sensitive skins who will nevertheless have to be vigilant in both cases “. We often advise sensitive skin to exfoliate their face once every two weeks! Some experts even recommend that they do a scrub once a month.

For his part Ole Henriksen recommends his Lemonade Smoothing Scrub which combines both actions, with micro particles of lemon zest powder that gently remove roughness, and AHAs that help unclog and remove dead cells. It additionally contains holy basil and chamomile to counterbalance and soothe the skin.

Finally, last tip from our expert: “It is better to exfoliate your skin the evening to take advantage of the active ingredients, and reveal a more uniform and glowy complexion when you wake up, also because the skin will be more sensitive to the sun, a SPF is therefore essential! “

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