How to easily find your open Chrome tabs on other computers?

tab bar

David Gewirtz/ZDNET.

Here I will show you an awesome trick that will allow you to easily access all your open Chrome tabs, regardless of the machine you are using.

I like to collect YouTube videos in tabs. I watch the videos that YouTube presents to me every day, then open several more in new tabs to watch later.

I have to confess: I tend to do this on my work computer, often when I’m supposed to write. When the subject I’m working on gets too heavy, I take a five-minute break to browse YouTube and then post other videos in new tabs.

But I can stop this collection at any time.

And resume playing these videos later, or in the morning when you wake up. I have a Mac mini connected to the big screen in the family room. At first, I was frustrated because the open tabs with all the great videos I had chosen were only on my work computer, while I wanted to watch them on the computer connected to the TV as well.

But as Jeff Goldblum says in Jurassic Park “Life always finds a way. And I found a way!

There are three steps in this solution:

  1. go to the main Chrome history page. Choose Historical at the top of the submenu;
  2. click on Tabs from other devices. This is a special history page, located at chrome://history/syncedTabswhich contains all your open tabs on other devices;
  3. then, bookmark that page and put it in your bookmarks toolbar, so you can access it every time.

Other devices tabs

David Gewirtz/ZDNET.

As you can see I created a bookmark called Open tabs. When I click on it, I can see all the tabs from my other machines.

Only one downside: all your Chrome instances must be connected and synchronization must be activated. If you do, you will be able to share your tabs at any time.


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