How to Get Blood Essences in V Rising

Blood Essence is an essential resource in V Rising and is the basis of many crafts while allowing the Heart of your castle to remain protected. You will therefore need to collect as many as possible if you want to progress.

V Rising has finally entered its early access phase and it’s high time to set foot on its lands to build your empire and suck all life out of it for your own gain.

Of course, like in any good survival game, you will need to gather many resources and start from scratch to conquer the places around you.

One of the most important resources you will need to obtain for your vampire is the Essence of Blood, needed to build and maintain the Heart of your castle.

In addition, Blood Essence is closely linked with the various upgrade systems in V Rising, making it a key resource to master and exploit to optimize your progress.


Blood Essences can be collected from just about every living species in the game.

How to Collect Blood Essence in V Rising

As you might expect, Essence of Blood is obtained by killing creatures and enemies made of flesh and blood. As you will have understood, neither the undead or other magical creatures such as Golems or Treants will give you any. So don’t waste your time killing them if you’re trying to farm Blood Essence.

The process of collecting Essence of Blood is extremely simple, you just need to collect it from living creatures. To do this :

  1. Approach a living creature (human, bear, wolf, deer, etc.)
  2. Attack it until you weaken it enough
  3. Then press F to feed and get Blood Essence or just kill her
  4. The amount of Blood Essence obtained depends on your opponent’s level

It’s worth noting that high level enemies can drop Tainted Hearts at you which can then be used to produce large amounts of Blood Essence in your castle.

However, this probably won’t be necessary for a little while as Bandit Camps and other bear dens will provide you with large amounts of Blood Essence to start your game.

How to Get Greater Blood Essences in V Rising

V Rising Bridge

Intact Hearts are found on slightly more powerful enemies.

Pretty soon Blood Essences won’t be enough for you and you’ll want to hold Superior Blood Essences. To do this, you will need a Blood Press in your castle. The latter will allow you to convert your Intact Hearts, an item that some more powerful enemies drop (around level 30).

Four of these intact Hearts will yield a single Greater Blood Essence. This is why you will have to very quickly collect as many of them as possible and keep them warm.

So here’s everything you need to craft as many Blood Essences as you want in V Rising and start building your empire.

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