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True phenomenon on Netflix, the Squid Game series never ceases to be talked about. On the beauty side, it is the giant doll from the series that is creating the buzz and establishing itself as the perfect Halloween makeup. We offer you a video tutorial to easily reproduce it on October 31st.

It’s the new Netflix phenomenon of the moment, series Squid Game has become essential because it is one of the most watched series on Netflix since its release on September 17 on the platform. No doubt the Korean thriller inspired costumes will be there for the festivities of this Halloween 2021 as were those of La casa de papel for two years, but for the moment, it is giant doll makeup and disturbing that appears in the first game of the series which hits on social networks. Proof of this is the hashtag #squidgamemakeup already has 16.6 million views on TikTok, and the research results offer a multitude of makeup creations reproducing the scary face of the doll from the game.

Rest assured if you feel like reproducing this horrific makeup on your face on October 31st for Halloween, killer doll face is much easier to achieve than it looks with a few makeup products that you most likely already have at home.

Squid Game : how to reproduce the make-up of the doll from the game 1, 2, 3, Soleil?

Big black eyes, thin eyebrows, pink blush accented cheeks, blood red lips: these are the keys to Halloween makeup inspired by Squid Game which buzzes on the web and fascinates beauty fans. To adopt it on Halloween, equip yourself with a face powder, of a Bronzing powder, of a black pencil and a white pencil (like those used inside the mucous membrane to illuminate the eyes), a white makeup, flashy pink blush and a red lipstick in order to be able to reproduce it easily as shown by the video by influencer Lisa, better known under the pseudonym of @ lisa.bpro on TikTok.

Makeup the doll Squid Game step by step :

  • Start by unifying your complexion with the foundation and camouflage your eyebrows a little with the product if yours are thick. You can use a little loose powder as well if you have some available.
  • Then give relief and structure to your face by making a contouring quite marked. Don’t forget to create unusual shadows on your chin to make it look artificial, more faithful to the character in the movie.
  • Draw big eyes with the black pencil so that they are oversized compared to yours.
  • Come fill the area with white make-up to create the illusion before drawing the black pupils of the terrifying doll’s gaze.
  • Draw two fairly flat and thin lines above your new eyes with the black pencil to create two thin eyebrows.
  • Then come and draw your mouth with the red lipstick.
  • Underline the eyebrows and the mouth with white pencil lines, then draw a curved line on your chin with the same pencil to give dimension to the make-up and voila for the makeup!

Feel free to add a few drops of fake blood to your face to make it look like it has been splashed with blood during gruesome games.

Halloween makeup Squid Game : do not neglect the hairstyle!

To perfect your look and highlight your Halloween makeup, we also advise you to give the greatest care to your hairstyle because that of the doll of Squid Game is most important to perfect your look. Indeed, the doll from game 1, 2, 3, Soleil has a sort of long square fringe on dark brown hair, and she is wearing two low duvets tied by two purple rubber bands. A hairstyle easy to reproduce (possibly with the help of a wig) which will allow you to perfect the illusion.

As for disguise, a simple yellow t-shirt with a Peter Pan collar and a sleeveless red dress slipped over will complement your makeup wonderfully. Squid Game.

Halloween makeup:

Video by stupefy

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