How to sublimate your cleavage when you get older?

Chest lacking tone, wrinkled skin, spots, wrinkles can happen quickly, we tell you everything to display a flawless cleavage and a glorious bust!

The skin of the décolleté is very thin, less rich in lipids than the skin of the face. Also poor in sebaceous glands, it is less protected against external aggressions. Although it is more or less revealed depending on the season, this sensitive area is constantly exposed to UV. The skin crumbles at high speed and becomes a breeding ground for the appearance of spots and wrinkles.

The golden rule is to protect your cleavage, it is imperative toapply an SPF 50 in summer and winter. We can never repeat it enough, better to be safe than sorry! To follow this preventive line of conduct without ever lowering your guard, the ideal is to bet on a very covering formula when you expose yourself for a long time and repeatedly (summer holidays at the beach, in the countryside, in the mountains). The rest of the year, whether the sky is clear or cloudy, we swap it for a fluid texture with rapid absorption that easily coexists with the indentations of the clothes. To this essential ritual, we add a skincare routine combined with good gestures and tips, the complete method for a neckline always on top!

To preserve your cleavage, hydrate without moderation

We can’t say it enough, hydration is the key to beautiful skin. We pay the same attention to her cleavage as to her face.
After a delicate cleansing with a gentle wash that preserves the hydrolipidic film of the skin, in the morning, we apply a treatment moisturizing, nourishing and anti-aging with an SPF. Allied assets to track:hyaluronic acid and the retinol. In the evening, we opt for a richer formula for goodnourish and plump the skin.
And of course, do not forget to slip sun protection into your bag in order to renew its application during the day and secure its UV shield mission. In summer, at the beach, we choose it waterproof so that it can withstand swimming.

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Three creams that the editorial staff recommends

We boost the radiance of the skin

Once a week, we gently remove the dead skin that gray the epidermis. No more mechanical scrubs that could attack the very fragile skin of the décolleté. The good safe option: a peel with fruit acids or glycolic acid, applied in the evening, which gently cleanses the skin, smoothes the skin and restores its radiance.

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We eclipse the imperfections of the neckline

The skin of the décolleté being extremely delicate, it is preferable to consult a pro for a precise diagnosis, recommends Hervet Brunet, cosmetic dermatologist. For each problem, he will be able to propose and practice the perfectly adapted technique.

• For the spots: The Picofocus laser is an excellent technique which allows to remove the spots without depigmenting the skin. It also acts on the loss of elasticity, is painless and does not cause social exclusion. You should plan 1 to 4 sessions spaced a month apart.

• For wrinkled skin: The micro-needle radiofrequency allows very good results on the appearance of the skin in 3 sessions spaced one month apart. This technique redensifies the skin, smooths it out and improves its elasticity. No more fine lines, well-smoothed skin gains in radiance and appears more luminous.

• For deep wrinkles: You can inject a filling agent (hyaluronic acid) such as Restylane.® directly into wrinkles. This is a particularly interesting method for vertical wrinkles which often appear between the breasts with an immediate effect in one session!

We work on the posture

We spend whole days, evenings sometimes included, our faces riveted on screens, our backs curled up forward with an unsightly posture, a lack of support far from favoring the chest. It is essential to re-learn to stand up straight!

With a few small exercises practiced regularly, in a short time, it is then possible to adopt without even thinking about it. THE posture that gives height to the chest with a haughty head posture. Follow the guide with advice from Nicolas Sothier, coach at L’Appart Fitness.

• In the morning, when you wake up we take the time to stretch to dispel stiffnesses installed during the night and release tension. In addition to restoring fluidity to the body, it allows realign, straighten back, which let us not forget, holds and supports the chest, the key to a neckline in the spotlight.

• During the day, whether you are sitting or standing, several times you start by contracting the abdominals to keep the center of the body engaged. Lift the chest, roll the shoulders up, back, down and tighten the shoulder blades. This small movement allows the shoulder blades to be fixed backwards and thus open the rib cage, free the chest, pull it up.

• Another exercise to practice at any time: Place both hands behind the head, crossing the fingers, palm against the skull just above the neck, elbows forward. Open the elbows outward on each side and then lower the shoulders back. We breathe gently, with each exhale we try to open the elbows a little more and lower the shoulders more. Here the objective is to work on mobility and open shoulders. The more flexibility you gain, the more you control them, the easier it is to correct your posture and have good posture.

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