how to wear this trendy fringe?

We already knew the curtain fringe, the straight fringe, the tapered fringe… But what about the fine fringe? Particularly trendy lately, this haircut has nothing to envy to others. Here we tell you all about the thin bangs so that you can adopt it, sport it and maintain it in style. To your notes!

Who has never wanted to change their head, without radically changing their hairstyle? Through the bangs, It’s entirely possible ! Indeed, it is enough to cut a few strands of hair framing the face, mainly on the forehead, to give your hairstyle a real breath of fresh air. Finally … for that, it is still necessary to choose well for which style of bangs to choose. Curtain bangs, side bangs, thick bangs, tapered bangs, short bangs… There are almost as many kinds of bangs as there are tastes in nature. In this article it is the thin bangs that we comb through! Discover without further delay all the secrets of this hairstyle before succumbing to it in the rules of art.

What are thin bangs?

As indicated by his name, thin bangs are light bangs which consists of a few strands letting the forehead show through, without overloading it. Ideal for bringing softness to the face and soften its features, the fine fringe has many advantages. If she promises to sublimate all profiles, it’s because this fringe can be adopted on the side, straight, layered, more or less long … To choose according to the shape of her face and the desired look! Eh yes, the fine bangs are available to infinity and embodies the perfect compromise for all those who want to give their hairstyle more style without overdoing it. With the thin bangs, no drastic change in haircut, just a good freshness and renewal !

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Thin and curly bangs

Thin bangs vs tapered bangs: what’s the difference?

If the tapered bangs and the layered bangs are often confused, here are two more haircuts also confusing: what can differentiate a thin fringe from a tapered fringe ? Here is the answer ! The act of taper consists of destructuring the fringe and its length so as to thin it out using a chisel provided for this purpose. A tapered bang is therefore less thick, but it does not necessarily mean that it is fine. Plus, thin bangs don’t necessarily have to be tapered to get them. Here is the difference! Finally, remember that the unraveling technique is not recommended for fine hair.

Thin bangs: who can adopt it?

Do you think thin bangs and thick hair are incompatible? Think again ! Indeed, there are indeed two different ways to adopt this hairstyle on your hair.
That is your hair is naturally fine – in which case the adoption of a fine fringe is intended to be more natural in a few scissors -, or your hair is thick and then you will have to remove the bangs as close as possible to the front line in order to make it as thin as possible. You will understand, whatever the nature of your hair, the fine bangs will be accessible to you. If the latter will have the art of sublimating everyone with its discretion, know that it is particularly suitable for people displaying a small forehead or very marked facial features.

Thin bangs and square cut

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Thin bangs and square cut

How to cut thin bangs?

Once this change of look is done – like all other haircuts (and bangs in particular) -, thin bangs need regular maintenance in order to preserve its beauty and continue to enhance your hairstyle and face. So plan to visit your hairdresser regularly for a little haircut refreshment.
In case you count maintain your bangs yourself, here are some tips: already remember thatbangs are always cut on dry hair so as not to have any unpleasant surprises when drying… Yes, the hair goes up when it dries and thus loses a few centimeters… It may not seem like much, but on a fringe, a few centimeters make all the difference! Then don’t wait until your bangs protrude too far from your eyebrows before cutting them again (except of course if it’s the style of the adopted bang that wants it). For your convenience, try to shorten it before the latter starts to shoot you in the eyes. However, the advantage with thin bangs is that, even too long, they have less tendency to close the eyes than other bangs due to their lightness.

How to style thin bangs?

Whether your hair is thin or thick in nature, it doesn’t matter, the secret of a pretty fine fringe lies in the volume. Indeed, no way your bangs look flat: space for volume and lightness ! The problem is that if the bangs tend to grease quickly in general (given that they are always in contact with one of the areas producing the most sebum on the face: the forehead), due to its thinness, the thin bangs are all the more exposed to this kind of problem. And who says fat bangs, says flat bangs, in other words: everything you want to avoid! Fortunately, we have a solution for you: this is the dry shampoo ! The latter will not only allow you to delay washing your thin bangs (and your hair in general), but will also give your hair the volume and lightness it deserves. Here are some great products:

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