HPI on TF1: Will Roxane die?

In the last minutes of the episode of “HPI” broadcast this Thursday evening on TF1, Roxane (Clotilde Hesme) is between life and death after being shot. Will Karadec’s girlfriend survive her injuries?

Warning, this article contains spoilers for the last two episodes of HPI Season 2. If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

TF1 broadcasts this Thursday evening the penultimate episode of season 2 of HPI, which was rich in twists and turns for Morgane Alvaro (Audrey Fleurot). Indeed, when she has just become aware of the feelings she has for Karadec (Mehdi Nebbou), she must help Roxane (Clotilde Hesme) and the brigade to organize a surprise birthday for the commander.

The investigation of the day, however, allows him to change his mind. She must indeed investigate the disappearance of the body of Hélène Lecoq, a notable of the region living in a mansion with her family. A delight for Morgane who finds herself in the middle of a life-size Cluedo. And as always, she will succeed in solving the mystery with the help of the Brigade.

But while everyone is celebrating the event on Karadec’s birthday with a frenzied karaoke, Morgane has had a hard time forgetting her feelings for him and is struggling to get into the mood. Once the evening is over, the members of the brigade go their separate ways and leave Morgane alone at the bar.

As Roxane and Karadec return to their car, the latter announces to her that she has done some research on Morgane’s past and that she has discovered something very strange about her ex, Romain. The pathologist who autopsied his body was investigated by the IGPN in 2017.

For her, the death of the young man may not be accidental. That’s when a motorcycle arrives behind them and shoots Roxane, leaving the young woman between life and death.

Will Roxane die in the next episode?

If the IGPN agent is seriously affected, she will manage to survive this attack. From the first minutes of episode 8 of HPI, she is transported to the emergency room where the doctors quickly understand the seriousness of her condition, and send her directly to the block.

Luckily, they manage to stabilize her and save her life, much to Karadec’s delight. Of course this event will have consequences on the final episode of season 2 since the brigade will try to find out who was able to attack Roxane.

And there’s no doubt for Morgane, it’s all linked to Romain’s death. Karadec and she will therefore embark on an investigation whose outcome will surprise more than one.

Find the last episode of season 2 of HPI Thursday June 16 at 9:10 p.m. on TF1. All of seasons 1 and 2 are already available on Salto.

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