Hydrate and cool baby well when it's hot

Summer is coming, but the heat is already here. Attention, a baby is more sensitive to heat than an adult and the effects of the sun can be really harmful for his health. It is therefore important to hydrate and refresh your baby well when it is hot.

Refresh baby

Always keep a sprayer handy that you have previously left in the refrigerator. Refresh baby all day with these bombs sold in supermarkets, they like it in general.

You can also moisten a washcloth to pass over the entire body to give it an immediate feeling of freshness.

If you have a garden, you can put a small inflatable swimming pool there, ideal for paddling and cooling off, obviously under your watchful eye … the hat stays on your head because the reverberation accentuates the harmful effects of the sun.

In the house, a little spin in the bathtub or in a basin is also a great idea. It will cool him down and help lower his body temperature.

Make him drink regularly

In summer it is important to drink regularly. Your baby does not yet have the reflex to ask for water when he is thirsty, that's why you should think about giving it frequently. There is no rule as to the quantity, but it is important that it is throughout the day. You can also give him his bottle with cold milk, which is just as good.

At home

At home, leave the shutters closed to preserve freshness as much as possible. You can make air with a fan, but be careful never to direct it towards your baby.

Let your child breathe while avoiding to hug him or to carry him systematically in baby carrier

On the clothing side, in case of a heat wave, dress as little as possible. just his diaper or his diaper and a bodysuit … and that's it. For naps and at night, especially no sleeping bag.

Finally, keep him calm to prevent him from becoming agitated and sweating. During hot weather, do not hesitate to leave baby only in diapers, even a few days after birth.

Protect baby from the sun

The sun is an enemy for your baby, so at the beach or not, abuse the sunscreen! It must be special for children and preferably waterproof if you take it in water. Prohibit the exhibition between 12h and 16h, take a nap instead!

Even in the shade, protect baby with suitable products

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Don't forget to put sunglasses on her. His eyes are very fragile in the face of the sun and baby risks visual damage for life.
Finally, put a hat or cap on him to avoid sunstroke and protect his face at the same time.

Watch out for hot hours

Pay attention to exit times. Do not go for a walk when it is over 30 ° C: even if your baby does not receive the sun directly and you think he is protected in his pram, it still contains the heat inside the cockpit.

Likewise for the stroller, the closer the baby is to the ground, the more it feels the heat of the asphalt. Avoid taking the car, which turns out to be a real oven and prefer walks in the forest or near a body of water where the heat drops significantly.

There are also clothes specially designed to protect baby from hot weather, whether due to the outside temperature, babywearing or breastfeeding. These particularly breathable Climakid bodies allow moisture to escape and leave baby cool.

Moisturize baby's skin when it's hot

To preserve all the suppleness of your baby's skin in summer, it should be hydrated assiduously and daily. In addition to their moisturizing action, basic care deeply nourishes your child's skin against external aggressions, such as heat.

Apply systematically; after washing and before each outing, day cream on his face and hands and body milk on the rest of the body.

What products to choose for baby hydration?

Choose products specifically designed for babies, adapted to their still immature skin. Adult products are generally too aggressive, even if it is just a simple moisturizer.

The formula for these body treatments must be hypoallergenic, simple and have a neutral PH. In general, these products are enriched with shea butter, calendula, aloe vera and thermal water. If your baby's skin is really very dry, you can use cold cream, which turns out to be an active hyper-hydrating agent, even in summer.

Cold creams are ideal, they provide hydration and freshness to the little one

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And by this heat, how do I dress my baby?

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