“I am a midwife and this is the most original first name I have seen in my 20 years of career”

As a midwife, baby names are no longer a secret! However, parents managed to surprise this specialist after twenty years of career who did not expect this very original first name. If they chose a rather classic first name, it was the totally improbable spelling of the latter that surprised the midwife, we tell you!

Choosing a first name for a child is not as easy as one might think! Whether you lack inspiration or have too much, you have to be careful not to choose a name that is too difficult for your future child. If recently the new edition of The Official First Names was published revealing the numerous classifications of first names, by region, the most original, the sweetest or quite simply the most given in France. A midwife has just revealed the first name that had the merit of surprising her the most in her twenty-year career and one thing is certain it could have gone unnoticed if these parents had not chosen to change its spelling.

Indeed, some parents do not want to go too far in terms of originality when it comes to choosing the first name of their future toddler, but on the other hand they allow themselves a little touch of fantasy in its spelling. We have also seen this with the first names Emma for example, spelled Ema or Raphaël, spelled Rafael. But for others it goes much further and they embrace it! A midwife spoke about her experience on the community forum Reddit, and revealed the very very original first name that she had to face in her career. We tell you everything!

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And the first name is…!

Not failing to express her surprise, the specialist first explains that she practiced the profession of midwife for more than 20 years while being the owner of a birth center in a state in the South-East of the UNITED STATES. A position which will have allowed him to see a good number of first names throughout his career: “ There were some spectacular first names that I had to write on the birth certificates. But there is one that clearly stands out from all the others “.

And it is the first name U-1 which is pronounced Ewan since the number one in English is pronounced “one“. A surprising spelling choice which caused Internet users to react on the Reddit forum. We can also read certain humorous comments like: “Tell me they had a second child called U2! “,or“their third child would be different, U-FO», referring to the term UFO which means UFO in French. If the midwife indicates that she did not know the motivations of these parents regarding this choice, an Internet user put forward a theory: “They were fans of Stars Wars: Ewan McGregor + R2-D2 = U-1.”

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