“I am not worthy of it”: why has Gims not yet obtained French nationality

Since 2013, Gims has been seeking French nationality, which he has been repeatedly denied. On the set of Quelle epoque! Saturday, May 27, the rapper explained that he was overwhelmed by the situation.

His requests have been denied for years. Nevertheless, Gims has complied with all the tests necessary to obtain French nationality. On the set of What an era! this Saturday, May 27, the rapper said he was confused by these refusals that he does not understand. “It’s complicated, I don’t know, I’m overwhelmed myself. I applied for citizenship twice, and apparently I’m not worthy of ithe regretted facing Léa Salamé and Christophe Dechavanne. I passed all the tests to become French.” Gims began the process in 2013 to obtain French nationality. Two years later in the columns of Parisianhe was already irritated by the difficulties encountered at the administrative level. “It takes so long”he regretted then.

“I haven’t given up, but there are so many steps, appointments… And I think it’s even longer for someone known, who we watch all the moresaid Gims then. So, sometimes, I say to myself: in fact, I am an African artist. In 2018, according to our colleagues, Brigitte Macron was even asked to support the rapper’s request for French nationality. With Le Parisien in 2022, “a former Minister of the Interior” explained that what would block his request would be “failure to pay fines for traffic offenses and his inability to establish in France the center of his material interests, in particular professional and of his family ties”. In the JDD, Gims described this refusal as “one of (his) greatest regrets”.

Gims: “I am a very patient person”

“All my memories are in France: I was born in Kinshasa, but I arrived here at 2 years old. I am French in the soul, the heart, he said then. When I travel to Qatar, in the United States, I present myself as a French artist. Not Congolese.” In the columns of the Sunday Journal, he assured that he wanted to persevere: “I am a very patient person, not the type to give up”. After the publication of this interview, Gérald Darmanin had replied to him, explaining that French nationality was refused “in general to the supporters of rigorous Islam”. “The Interior services will obviously re-examine his request, added the Minister of the Interior. Don’t wish happy new year because it would not be in line with what the friends, buddies or brothers of such and such a character do, however sacred it may be, it is not good proof of assimilation into French society.

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