“I am very moved” The touching handover from Sophie Davant to Julia Vignali in Affaire Conclue

This Monday August 28, 2023, viewers of France 2 were able to witness the touching handover from Sophie Davant to Julia Vignali in the show Affaire Conclue. A poignant television moment during which the host found herself on the verge of tears.

Emotion sequence. This Monday August 28, 2023 marked the resumption of many television programs on the program schedule. Whether live or replay, art enthusiasts and other collectors have necessarily attended the resumption of the show Deal Concluded broadcast every weekday at 4:15 p.m. on France 2. A somewhat special number during which the emotion on the television set was palpable.

And for good reason, the show marked the handover from Sophie Davant to Julia Vignali who now succeeds him at the helm of the program which connects buyers and sellers of art and objects of all kinds. For the occasion, the wife of Kad Merad opted for a canon and elegant look, perfectly suited for the start of the school year. It must be said that fans of the show also take pleasure in appreciating the style of Sophie Davant, always well prepared for the needs of the show. They were not disoriented during this premiere since it is the emblematic host ofDeal Concluded who welcomed them one last time.

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Sophie Davant: “I have full confidence in Julia”

“Hello everyone on the set of Deal done. Alas for me, this is the last time I utter this sentence since I am leaving this show”, said Sophie Davant on the set of the show not without emotion. And to add: “But I found a pretty and capable replacement. It is Julia who will take over the reins of Affaire concluded. I hope Julia that you will have as much fun as me, that you will learn as many things as me, at the same pace as our viewers”.

The two women then toured the sets of the show which now constitutes the new office of Julia Vignali. Finally, the one who officiated for six years at the helm of this show said goodbye to the viewers and the teams that allow the show to see the light of day. A sequence during which the 60-year-old host refrained from shedding a tear. “I wanted to tell the viewers… I’m obviously very moved”she admitted with great emotion.

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And to conclude, tear in the eye: “It’s rare that a TV show enters the hearts of viewers so quickly. I have every confidence in Julia to take over and to keep this link with you. Julia, I kiss you and I give you the pass, your new work tool. And I wish you lots of happiness and stay at least as long as me!”. From now on, Sophie Davant officiates on the waves of Europe 1, every day at 4 p.m., on the occasion of a program entitled Sophie & friends.

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