“I am very skeptical”: in Germany, the possible legalization of recreational cannabis divides

Tatiana Geiselmann / Photo credit: GEOFFROY VAN DER HASSELT / AFP

How to put an end to the trafficking and the settling of scores that harm the lives of residents in the neighborhoods? This is the question that many European States are asking themselves. Among the solutions put forward, the idea of ​​decriminalizing cannabis comes up regularly in the debates. Germany has just taken a step in this direction. Olaf Scholz’s government on Tuesday passed a bill that allows the purchase and consumption of recreational cannabis. The text still needs to be debated and voted on in Parliament. But in the German streets, the possible adoption of this bill divides.

Germans divided on the issue

A nurse by trade, Ursula does not see very favorably this legalization of cannabis which could come into force as early as 2024 if it is approved by Parliament. “I’m very skeptical and even rather against it. I’m afraid of what it could lead to, like an addiction to other substances. It’s a bit of a gateway to other drugs,” he says. -she at the microphone of Europe 1.

To minimize this risk, the text provides for limiting the purchase of cannabis to 50 grams per adult per month. Above all, the sector would be better controlled, believes Moussa, 22, salesman in a shisha store. “The advantage is that we will be able to better control the origin. There will be less risk of buying a bad, poorly prepared product, so it’s better for your health. Afterwards, the downside is is that it could land more easily in the wrong hands”, notes the young man.

Concerns over exposure of minors

And especially in the hands of minors. “If it becomes legal, it’s like alcohol, everyone will be able to find it, even children. They will say to themselves: ‘My father does it, so me too,’ worries Harris, 19, who does not not hide his opposition to the project.

Faced with possible abuses, the German government intends to respond with a massive prevention campaign aimed at minors. In addition, young people aged 18 to 21 will not be able to buy the same quantities as their elders if the text is validated, and will be limited to 30 grams of cannabis per month, against 50 grams for those aged 22 and over.

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