“I am very unhappy”: Claude Lelouch reacts to the rape accusations which target Ary Abittan, to the poster of his next film

Ary Abittan is in the midst of a court case over rape charges. On the poster for Claude Lelouch’s next film, the latter confided in this affair which deeply saddens him.

A new affair which undermines French cinema. Last October, actor Ary Abittan was taken into custody on charges of rape. Placed since under judicial control, the actor of 47 years preferred to remain silent while waiting for justice to be done. If he could count on the support of some friends, the lawyer of the alleged victim – today “traumatized” – preferred to give his version of the facts. For the time being, justice has not yet delivered its verdict, but the public seems to have made its choice. It took the film But what have we done to the good Lord? is on television so that Internet users revolt against the channel and its decision to put the actor forward. This affair also affects Claude Lelouch who played Ary Abittan in his last film.

“He’s someone I like and who makes me laugh”

January 10, 2022 will be released in cinemas Love is better than life a feature film which is announced as being the last film of Claude Lelouch. In the casting, it is possible to find beautiful people like Robert Hossein, Elsa Zylberstein or Kev Adams. Ary Abittan is also a part of the cast and he holds one of the main roles. These rape accusations therefore risk doing the film a disservice to the French public. Asked by our colleagues from Paris Match, Claude Lelouch did not hide his pain. I am very unhappy, because he is someone I like and who makes me laugh, he told the magazine.

Claude Lelouch trusts justice

“I would like to believe this is a story gone wrong, but I will take the decision of justice. She will tell the truth. It is a fundamental value of our democracy. You just have to give it the means, the time. And protect oneself from the media tribunal “, explained the director, who feels “personally bruised”. “I neither can nor want to judge without proof. So I let justice be done”, he concluded. A case that has yet to be judged.

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