“I have reasons to be”: Loïc (Married at First Sight 2024) reveals the truth behind his distant behavior with Ophélie

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Loïc has been described as a great romantic who is looking for a stable relationship. But in “Married at First Sight 2024”, it is another image that he sends back. Behavior criticized on social networks. On April 17, he spoke in an Instagram story.

“I have reasons to be”: Loïc (Married at First Sight 2024) reveals the truth behind his distant behavior with Ophélie

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Fans of Married at first sight have been closely following the 2024 edition since its launch on March 18. During the first episode, they notably met Ophélie and Loïc, who are 79% compatible. If on paper, everything seemed designed for them to have a great story, the reality was very different. Criticized because of his behavior, the 28-year-old candidate wanted to provide an update in an Instagram story on April 17.

Fear can sometimes play many tricks on people who feel it. Loïc can testify to this since, since the beginning of the adventure, he has completely lost his temper in the face of his wife Ophélie. During the wedding evening, her clumsiness did not please the charming 27-year-old blonde. Although she decided to give him a chance, after the intervention of Gilbert Bou Jaoudé, it seems that their story is not made to last. During their honeymoon in Portugal, she faced a fairly silent man, who did not return her questions. “There is no seduction, there is nothing. We don’t get to know each other. It’s pretty flat, nothing happens. I don’t feel like I’m on a honeymoon at all.“, she regretted as we can see in the episode of April 22, already available on 6Play Max.

Loïc comes out of his hinges

Although Ophélie alerted him during a dinner, nothing happened. Loïc once again didn’t know what to say. A behavior that annoyed many Internet users. The latter also allowed themselves to share their state of mind, not always in a delicate way. Annoyed, the candidate broke the silence in an Instagram story on April 17. “We must not forget one thing, this is a television show. What you see in three minutes actually lasts several hours“, he initially wrote. After specifying that “many passages are cut“, he continued: “I receive a lot of disgusting messages regarding next week’s episode. Know that if I’m mute, it’s because I have reasons to be and that this is not necessarily broadcast. Ophélie and I remain two human beings like you and we have decided to be natural and not to play a role.

Loïc invited his detractors to register for the next season of Married at first sight to understand what he experienced. And he did not fail to thank the people who supported him, including former participants of MAPR.

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