“I lived it so badly”: Lorie has a bitter memory of her relationship with Billy Crawford

They formed one of the most iconic couples of the 1990s. By falling in love with each other, Lorie pester and Billy Crawford became a bit of our Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake: two hyper-powerful popstars who joined forces in life and on stage. Unfortunately, unlike the public, the main interested party keeps a very mixed memory of this time, in particular of the over-mediaization of her private life – which she has kept fiercely secret ever since.

I was afraid to go out

“I lived it so badly … And then I was afraid, I was afraid to go out, she remembers in an interview with our colleagues from Pure Charts. For years it went very badly, back then my life was a whirlwind. As a reminder, Lorie Pester became famous very young in France. His hit Near me was released during the year 2000, when she was 18, and she crossed paths with Billy Crawford in the months following the success.

Every week, every weekend, we met

However, we cannot speak of love at first sight. “It wasn’t easy because with Billy we met on TV sets, says Lorie. Every week, every weekend, we met. And we ended up falling in love “. It is impossible to know if, today, the two exes have kept in touch. They do not follow each other, in any case, not on social networks. Their love affair lasted two years, from 2002 to 2004, and each has rebuilt their lives since. Lorie is in a relationship with a mysterious stranger and gave birth to her little Nina in August 2020 despite a formidable fight against endometriosis. As for Billy Crawford, he married his sweetheart, Coleen Garcia, in the Philippines in 2018 and is the father of a little boy named Amari.

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