“I never told it…”: Vitaa makes an unexpected revelation about her last pregnancy

This Saturday, May 27, in the program 50 ‘Inside on TF1, Vitaa confided in her third pregnancy. Faced with Nikos Aliagas, the singer made an unprecedented confidence.

At 40, Vitaa is one of the most popular singers. Revealed alongside rapper Diam’s with the title Night confessions released in 2006, the young woman knows the consecration with another artist, Slimane. Together, in 2019, they released an album titled versus. The tour will be a real success, leaving little respite for Vitaa to manage his private life. Married to the father of her children since 2010, the singer is the mother of two boys, Liham, born in 2011 and Adam, born in 2014. In 2022, she gives birth to her third child, a girl named Noa. “A miracle baby!“, estimated the singer facing Nikos Aliagas.

In the show 50′ insidebroadcast this Saturday, May 27 on TF1Vitaa revealed the circumstances in which she got pregnant. “We had been on tour with Slimane for 3 years. Me, the years pass, I am 37 years old, 38 years old. And in fact, we don’t have time to make a baby!“, she confided. As a result, the artist and her husband will allow time between two concerts. “We put a break in the tour to have a baby with my husband, people don’t know, I never told!“, confided Vitaa. After six months, the singer becomes pregnant. “God give me a daughter. I never had a girl, I have two boys. Took her on the whole June tour in the little buggy“, she recalled.

A mother hen far from showbiz

After giving birth, Vitaa insisted on fulfilling her role as a mother while going back on the road. “People said to me: ‘But you’re not going to take a baby on tour!’, my mother first. But it went very well. She is very happy. He’s an all-terrain kid!“, confided Vitaa who appears as a mother hen with her children, protecting them from notoriety. “For me, they must have a normal life. In fact, they did not choose to be the children of a singer, to be the children of someone famous. I want them to be like everyone else” before concluding : “At home, there is no Vitaa, it’s mom“.

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