“I thank him”: Didier Bourdon gives tender confidences about his relationship with his very “modest” father

Invited in 50 mn Inside this Saturday, January 8, Didier Bourdon made rare confidences about his father, who died more than ten years ago. The education he gave him, his pride in seeing him succeed as an actor, the role he played in his love affair with his wife … The actor speaks from the heart.

Didier Bourdon is a happy family man. The actor lives happy days with his wife and children Olivier, ClĂ©lia and Natacha. It’s on the set of one of his own films, 7 years of marriage released in 2003, that he meets his other half. The lucky winner, originally from Canada, is called Marie-Sandra Badini Duran and landed a secondary role for this feature film after working in fashion. But for the actor, this beautiful story would never have been possible without the influence of his father. Featured at Building permit in theaters on January 12, France’s most famous Unknown was the guest of Nikos Aliagas in 50 mins Inside. Didier Bourdon made touching secrets about his father, a modest man to whom he owes everything.

A modest father very proud of his son

Young man crazy about the theater, Didier Bourdon is quickly reframed by his father, an EDF agent who has his feet on the ground. “He wanted me to have my baccalaureate before doing either the Rue Blanche or the conservatory. I thank him for kicking my ass because at one point I only wanted to do theater“, admits the director. If the father of the family wanted his son to remain serious, he was also the first to support him in his professional choices:”After, he followed me, he trusted, he was a little scared at one point because it was not a given“, he remembers. But when success knocked on the actor’s door, he could not have been more proud of his son. Very modest, Didier Bourdon’s father expressed his pride in his own way:”It was my mother who reported to me what he said. When people started to recognize me in the street, he would say: ‘You saw, they recognized him! ‘ He didn’t tell me directly“, he confides with great emotion.

“There is something strong between us”

The disappearance of his father in 2010 deeply saddens the actor. But it is the death of this one, of which he felt the influence even after his disappearance, which will push him to open his heart to his current companion. “My father had come on the set of 7 years of marriage the day there was a scene with Marie. It’s quite astonishing that. I believe in these a little amazing things“, he confesses. Very discreet about his private life, Didier Bourdon hardly evokes the one whose life he shares today.”There is something strong between us“, he confirms to Nikos Aliagas.

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