“I was gay”: Pierre Palmade returns, without concession, to his marriage to Véronique Sanson

Then homosexual, Pierre Palmade lived a real love story with Véronique Sanson. The comedian returned to this long episode of his life in the France 3 program, La Boîte à Secrets, presented by Faustine Bollaert, this Friday, October 28.

“She is the woman with whom I thought I could have a beautiful heterosexual love story. With her, I went to the end of the adventure”. Here is how Pierre Palmade spoke of his marriage of almost ten years with Véronique Sanson, in 2015, during the program Monday in stories. This relationship, which could not have been more controversial at the time (they remained married from 1995 to 2004), caused a lot of talk. But the comedian and the singer had nothing to do with it: they do not place themselves in stereotypes and live their life as they see fit.

Always remained very discreet about his private life, Pierre Palmade however had fun during the month of September 2022 to discuss his love situation on his Instagram account. “So I decided to wear a yellow cuckold sweater, because at least we think I’m in a relationship. You see, I find it sadder to be single than to be cuckolded. I proudly wear this cuckold yellow sweater… I may be a cuckold, but I’m not alone in life, that’s what this sweater means. This time, Pierre Palmade was not talking about a woman, but about his companion.

Pierre Palmade: “I was madly in love with Véronique Sanson”

Anyway, guest in the France 3 program presented by Faustine Bollaert, The secret box, this Friday, October 29, the comedian, currently stage partner of Michèle Laroque, was logically questioned about his long relationship with Véronique Sanson. “It reminds me of my real marriage to Véronique Sanson, whom I loved very much for a few years. It was a real thunderbolt. Of course I was gay but I was bored, I didn’t meet any man who interested me. And while being gay, I met this exciting woman and I felt less alone with her than with another man “.

Before adding, alongside Hugues Aufray and Chantal Ladesou: “I said to myself no, all homo that I am, I want to live a love story with her, next to her, I was less alone and she accepted everything. I was in love and then we became friends again“. Remained friends after this short decade, Véronique Sanson and Pierre Palmade have nothing to hide, they lived their love, despite all the prejudices. And after this little aside, Pierre Palmade returned to his lifelong loves, men.

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