“I was making love with Delphine”: Matthieu Delormeau surprises in TPMP

This Wednesday, February 22, Matthieu Delormeau told a rather surprising dream that he shared with Delphine Wespiser.

This is a rather astonishing confidence. On Monday, February 20, 2022, Louane revealed that she had already had an erotic dream with the famous singer Justin Bieber. “It’s super embarrassing to say that. It’s Justin Bieber, it was obvious!”, confided the singer. Two days later, Cyril Hanouna bounced back on this information by asking his columnists if they too had ever dreamed of a celebrity. If Valérie Bénaïm said that she had already thought of George Clooney, Guillaume Genton confided that he had already dreamed of Cardi B. For Gilles Verdez, one of his dreams had already focused on Nicole Kidman. He then recounts having been disguised as a Gallic druid.

Géraldine Maillet has confessed to having dreamed of Serena Williams. Cyril Hanouna then interviewed Matthieu Delormeau who indulged in some surprising confidences. “I am very annoyed, because there was a scandal behind it. It was not long ago. I was making love with Delphine and we said nothing. She calls me a few weeks later and she tells me she is pregnant! (…) She wants to keep it because it will be a small model. Me… Good… A child is money, it’s complicated! And then I tell him that we don’t know each other. We didn’t even have dinner together and even before that, we insulted each other. It’s still going fast.”

Matthieu Delormeau confides in his dream with Madonna

An erotic dream that marked Matthieu Delormeau. And it’s not the only one. Indeed, a few days ago, the columnist revealed another. “I had a super weird dream. This morning, I was expecting a guy for the heating. I was sleeping and he came at 7 a.m. I’m in a dream so, still in my head, I pick up. And there, I hear: ‘Hello Matthieu, it’s Madonna'”, he said, under the laughter of the chroniclers. “I swear it’s true. She speaks in French and I ask her what she wants and she says to me: ‘I want you on my tour’. I answer her: ‘Already I missed a TPMP and he pissed me off so I can’t’. And then it rings again”he concluded.

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