“I would have liked infinitely more”: Pedro (“Married at first sight”) reacts to his breakup with Jefferson: Current Woman Le MAG

They marked the minds of viewers. In March 2023, M6 kicked off the show’s unreleased seventh season Married at first sight. Two ex-candidates, 79% compatible, agreed to try the experiment and it was on their wedding day, in Gibraltar, that they met. Although they faced a few complications during their adventure, Pedro, a 40-year-old upholsterer, and Jefferson, a 31-year-old insurance agency manager, seemed to be very happy. During the balance sheet, they affirmed their intention to remain married… before making an unexpected decision a few months later. On Thursday August 24, 2023, Jefferson announced their separation, explaining that it had been decided “from a common agreement”. Friday August 25, 2023, Pedro took the floor in turn, in the caption of a publication on his account instagram. “At the end of the broadcast in June, we had decided to continue because we both believed in it, but it seems that the 21% (we matched 79%!) got the better of us during the summer, despite our smiles regularly displayed on social networks”, did he declare.

Pedro: “I do not regret, in any case, this great experience”

In his Instagram post, Pedro is transparent with his followers. “This indeed announces the end of a story that will have lasted almost a year, and like all of you, I would have liked infinitely more”, writes the ex-candidate of Married at first sight, before adding: “It’s not a pleasant moment, neither for him nor for me.” Subsequently, Pedro wanted to come back to his story with Jefferson, which marked him a lot. “I don’t usually reveal my private life on the networks, but what I do know is that we had wonderful moments with Jefferson”, he continued, also adding: “I wish us now to be happy in our new life”. Regarding his participation in the M6 ​​dating show, Pedro says: “I do not regret, in any case, this beautiful experience which, thanks to you, gave a turning point to our lives”. To conclude his message, the former participant wished to thank Internet users for their support, recalling however that it is not “not at best [s]is in shape at the moment”. If the viewers appreciate their couple very much, Pedro asks them to respect their decision.

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