IBES 2024: This acting star is moving to the jungle camp

The entertainment news in the GALA ticker: The first IBES candidate has been confirmed: Heinz Hoenig is moving in +++ Vanessa Mai surprises with “Love Confession” +++ “The Bachelor” becomes “The Bachelors”.

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December 5, 2023

The first IBES candidate has been chosen: Heinz Hoenig is moving in

After weeks of speculation, it’s out: The first candidate for the 17th anniversary season of “I’m a Star – Get Me Out of Here!” is actor Heinz Hoenig, 72. The broadcaster RTL announced this on Tuesday morning, December 5, 2023.

Why does he want to dare the exciting adventure in the Australian jungle? “I’ve never done something like jungle camp before. It’s a challenge, I’m keen on it. And that’s why I’m going there,” explains Hoenig, who became a father again in 2022, to RTL. Wife Annika Kärsten-Hoenig has no problem with the fact that her husband will not see her and their little son for several days or weeks. Quite the opposite: she even advised him to take part. “I said: Darling, it’s now or never! If he wants to do it, then the whole family is behind him,” says Annika proudly.

December 4, 2023

Vanessa Mai: A one-night stand? She reveals juicy details about her love life

Vanessa Mai, 31, brings in the current edition of her SWR web show “On Mai Way” is not just an internet star Nicolas Lazaridis, 69, sweating profusely, but also her fans. Although they just watch the singer talking to her guest on the treadmill. The conversation between the two takes an unexpected turn during the well-known board game “Never have I ever…”. In the entertainment fun, participants respond to a statement that begins with “I have or have never…”, such as “I have never stolen a lollipop.” However, if one of the players has already taken a lollipop, he has to drink something – at a party, usually an alcoholic drink, but with Mai’s sporty talk, of course something without percentages.

The show editors present the musician and her guest with the following statement, among other things: “I have never had a two-night stand.” After a brief confusion about the terminology, the light dawns on both of them: of course, a one-night stand that gets a sequel. After that, however, the intimate meetings end. Nicolas makes his experiences in this regard clear with a strong sip. Vanessa, however, has to pass. “Wait, wait – you didn’t drink just now?” her opponent asks. “No, I didn’t have a two-night stand,” states the 31-year-old. “Don’t lie!” insists Nicolas, to which his hostess replies indignantly: “I’m not lying! I only had a one-night stand.” Oops! Now it’s getting intimate. “As if you haven’t met the same guy again?” the YouTuber doubts the truth of her statement. “Yes, but then again afterwards,” explains Vanessa, and makes it clear: “Then it’s not a two-night stand.” An answer that leaves almost nothing to the imagination.

“The Bachelor” becomes “The Bachelors”

Everything new in season 14! In spring 2024, the popular RTL dating show will not start as usual with a Rosenkavalier who is looking for true love. This time two bachelors are fighting for the favor of the women. The broadcaster announced this in a press release on Monday, December 4, 2023.

RTL explains what that looks like as follows: “‘The Bachelors’ have the same mission: to find true love in South Africa. But that also means that the pressure increases! Who is better received by the ladies? There is heated competition between them Both men or will there be a bromance in which the love seekers give each other tips? Anything is possible… One thing is certain: there will be more dating, more smooching and more fighting than ever before.”

As if that wasn’t enough, there is another change that is surprising: the dates don’t start in South Africa as usual, but in Germany. Accordingly, “The Bachelors” should sort out the ladies before the flight and then fly to the south of the hemisphere “together with 22 remaining single ladies”.

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