Ikea instead of Apple: Samsung is basing its new product on the Swedish furniture store


Samsung is showing a number of new products at CES 2024 – including the Music Frame speaker. This was apparently inspired by an Ikea product.

You can also find a new Samsung product with a similar look at Ikea. (Source: ifeelstock/depositphotos.com)

In the past, the South Korean manufacturer Samsung has often been accused of basing its products visually on those of its competitor Apple. In the early 2010s, both companies met in court more often – at times even the sale of a Samsung tablet was banned in Germany. The legal disputes with Apple have now been settled and Samsung is relying on its own design for cell phones and tablets. The new Music Frame speaker now brings back memories of an Ikea gadget.

Samsung announced this at CES 2024. It is a speaker in the shape of a picture frame that, thanks to its inconspicuous design, should fit seamlessly into the living environment. Samsung already uses a similar concept with its lifestyle television The Frame, which also comes in the design of a picture frame.

Samsung offers an unusual speaker with Music Frame.

Samsung offers an unusual speaker with Music Frame. (Source: Samsung)

Samsung’s Music Frame is reminiscent of Ikea’s Symfonisk

The Swedish furniture store Ikea, which has been selling such a frame speaker under the Symfonisk brand for a long time, also had the idea of ​​disguising a loudspeaker as a “picture frame”. However, there is unlikely to be any threat of another legal dispute. The two speakers differ too much visually and in format. The Symfonisk speaker is rectangular and significantly larger with dimensions of 41 x 57 centimeters.

Music Frame, on the other hand, is a square speaker that measures approximately 32 x 32 centimeters. According to Samsung, it can operate as a standalone wireless speaker or be connected to a Samsung TV and soundbar via Q-Symphony. Samsung is still silent about price and availability.

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