I’ll Always See Your Faces: Behind-the-Scenes Filmmaking Revealed in This Exciting Podcast

Before its cinema release on March 29, I will always see your faces reveals its backstage in a podcast in 5 episodes. Experience the shooting of Jeanne Herry’s new film with Adèle Exarchopoulos, Leïla Bekhti, Élodie Bouchez, Gilles Lellouche…


After having caught our eye with Pupille where she examined the world of adoption with a magnifying glass and not without emotion, Jeanne Herry returns with a powerful and instructive new film, but above all absolutely essential. In I will always see your faces, at the cinema on March 29, the director marvelously sketches the portraits of those who bring restorative justice to life.

Little known, restorative justice makes it possible to re-establish a link between the victims and the convicted, to question the “why” and the “how”, and to prevent recidivism. A fascinating and impactful subject, which offers Jeanne Herry the opportunity to hoist her research on the question in her screenplay that could not be more mastered and grabs us from the first moments of the film.

Counting on its brilliantly explored theme, its in tune cast, its hints of humor and other sequences of instant happiness, I will see all your faces manages to inscribe many smiles on ours. A life lesson that goes far beyond the walls of the cinema.


Before discovering it on the big screen, the film reveals its backstage through a new podcast, the very first to immerse us in the shooting of a feature film. “How’s it going, a film shoot? How do comedians manage to play together without knowing each other? What links are created between the teams, how do they evolve?”, the author and actress Virginie Vivès asked herself these questions and answered them during 5 episodes that will captivate your ears.


Episodes in which Jeanne Herry says more about her choice of actors, where we find an Adèle Exarchopoulos who almost saw one of her scenes spoiled by a crow, or a very moved Élodie Bouchez.

In short, between stress, nervousness, but also giggles, discussions and confidences, Virginie Vivès opens the doors to the intimacy of cinema. To listen before, and/or after seeing I will always see your faces in the room!

The podcast I will always see your faces – Three months on set, is available on all listening platforms and on YouTube.

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