“I’ll let the bosses announce it”: Can Lupine return for a season 4? The statement that sows doubt about the continuation of the Netflix series

Does the gentleman burglar Omar Sy still have adventures to live on Netflix? Perhaps, according to recent statements from one of his partners in the series, Guerrab (Youssef Guerida).

On October 5, Netflix released season 3 of Lupine on its platform, after more than two years of waiting. A new burst of episodes which once again managed to break all records, notably becoming one of the most viewed non-English language series on the platform.

Unfortunately, despite these exceptional figures, Netflix has still not formalized the renewal of Lupine for a season 4. However, many are waiting for this sequel, part 3 ending on a surprising cliffhanger.

A season 4 of Lupine in preparation?

While he is currently in full promotion of the TV film Les bois assassins, which will be broadcast on March 9 on France 3, Soufiane Guerrab, who lends his features to Lieutenant Youssef Guerida, spoke to our colleagues at Leisure TV on a possible season 4.

I can’t answer you”, explained the actor before adding: “There are very beautiful things happening. There’s nothing… I’ll let the bosses announce it! I’m just an instrument. A guitar. The guitar doesn’t make decisions. She plays the notes we ask her to.” An admittedly enigmatic statement which nevertheless suggests that a season 4 would indeed be in preparation.

An open ending “that leaves things to explore”

When part 3 of Lupine was put online, George Kay, the co-creator of the series, told RadioTimes.com that he had thought of the finale of part 3 as an opening for a possible sequel.

It’s a very open ending that clearly leaves a lot to explore and asks a lot of questions about who was behind what and how it could have happened.”, he explained at the time.

This ending is a bit like saying: everything we just experienced for 7 hours, is that really what happened? We question everything and that feels good. It’s a bit haunting. The viewer must be thinking, ‘Wait a second…but….’ It’s a great way to end the season.

Find all three seasons of Lupine now on Netflix.

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