I'm a star – the great jungle show: candidates, guests, moderation and broadcast dates

I'm a Star – The Great Jungle Show
Candidates, guests, moderation and broadcast dates

Guest of Honor Dr. Bob (center) with the moderators Daniel Hartwich and Sonja Zietlow.

Guest of Honor Dr. Bob (center) with the moderators Daniel Hartwich and Sonja Zietlow.

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"I'm a Star – The Great Jungle Show" starts next Friday. All information about the jungle camp replacement.

The 15-part event series "I'm a Star – The Great Jungle Show" starts next Friday, January 15th (10:15 pm on RTL and via TVNow). In the daily replacement show for the jungle camp, which was canceled due to the corona pandemic, celebrities are fighting for entry into the jungle camp in 2022. Only one star can buy the golden ticket for the 15th anniversary season. In addition to the twelve candidates, the show will feature a well-established moderation duo, a guest of honor and former campers.

Moderators and process

Daniel Hartwich (42) and Sonja Zietlow (52) will lead through the show. Zietlow has moderated the jungle camp since the first season, initially with Dirk Bach (1961-2012). Daniel Hartwich has been in contact with Zietlow since 2013 and thus season seven from the Australian jungle.

The candidates have to prove their suitability for the jungle in daily exams. The viewers decide who is allowed to continue and who has to leave the show. In the final on January 29, the candidate who deserves to move into the 15th Australian jungle camp in 2022 will be determined by voting. The winner will also receive prize money of 50,000 euros.

Guest of honor

A special jungle camp favorite should not be missing either: Dr. Bob (70) came to Germany from Australia especially to be part of "I am a Star – The Great Jungle Show". He will take a close look at the candidates during the exams. "I was just standing on the beach in the sun, and now I'm here in the snow," said the camp doctor in the RTL interview after his arrival. He promises an "exciting" show in which he will make things difficult for the candidates, but also "fair".


And who will fight for the camp ticket? The field of candidates includes celebrities who have already been seen in dome, casting or reality shows: Oliver Sanne (34, "The Bachelor"), Filip Pavlovic (26, "The Bachelorette"), Zoe Saip (21, "GNTM"), Christina Dimitriou (29, "Temptation Island"), Lars Tönsfeuerborn (30, "Prince Charming"), Lydia Kelovitz (30, "DSDS"), Mike Heiter (28, "Love Island"), Xenia von Saxony (34, "The Stars' Summer House"), Djamila Rowe (53, "Big Brother"), Frank Fussbroich (52, "Die Fussbroichs") and Sam Dylan (29, "Prince Charming"), the candidate Nina Queer ( 35) replaced. In addition, the former "Popsicle" star Bea Fiedler (63) will be back on TV after a long time.


Sonja Zietlow and Daniel Hartwich also welcome ex-campers live in the studio every day in the big jungle show, who together with them take a look back at the highlights of past jungle trips. Among them are jungle kings and queens: Ingrid van Bergen (89), Ross Antony (46), Melanie Müller (32), Menderes Bagci (36), Marc Terenzi (42), Maren Gilzer (60), Peer Kusmagk ( 45), Jenny Frankhauser (28), Evelyn Burdecki (32) and Prince Damien (30).