I'm a Star – The Great Jungle Show: The first candidates for the semifinals have been determined

I'm a Star – The Great Jungle Show
The first candidates for the semi-finals have been determined

Mike Heiter (left), Zoe Saip and Frank Fussbroich at the jungle test.

© TVNOW / Stefan Gregorowius

It's about moving into the jungle camp in 2022. Mike Heiter, Zoe Saip or Frank Fussbroich: Two of the three candidates can continue to hope.

Three days after moving into the 18 square meter tiny house in Hürth near Cologne, Frank Fussbroich (52), Mike Heiter (28) and Zoe Saip (21) made the first decision. Who can continue to hope for the € 50,000 victory bonus? And for whom is the chance for the golden ticket for the jungle camp 2022 off the table? The viewers of "I am a Star – The Great Jungle Show" (RTL, TVNow) had it in their hands on Sunday evening.

Surprise in the jungle test

Before the result was announced, the three candidates were able to earn sympathy points again. In the "Animally wacky" test, they each had to put their heads into a plexiglass helmet that was filled with different animals. Cheerful had to get along with snakes, Saip with rats and walkers were joined by 1,000 cockroaches. At the same time, it was the task of the jungle camp candidates to unscrew stars in a plexiglass box in front of them. Obviously an easy challenge to master.

Because while the exams of the two previous days were passed rather poorly, all candidates celebrated successes on day three. Heiter was happy about three stars, Saip and Fussbroich each about two stars.

Dr. Bob thinks Zoe Saip has a good chance

Which of them really has what it takes to survive in the jungle camp in 2022? Dr. Bob (70) shared his opinion publicly. He awarded the two men the jungle fitness school grade of 3, and he rewarded Saip with a 2. The audience seemed to see it similarly. They sent the model and the influencer to the semi-finals by telephone voting. For Fussbroich, the jungle adventure in Hürth ended early.

The tiny house did not remain vacant for long. While the show was still going on, group two made themselves comfortable in their temporary shelter. Actress Bea Fiedler (63), "Prince Charming" winner Lars Tönsfeuerborn (31) and singer Lydia Kelovitz (30) will hold out for the next three days.