“I’m in a lot of pain”: Metal legend Ozzy Osbourne has to go under the knife again

“I’m in a lot of pain”
Metal legend Ozzy Osbourne has to go under the knife again

Ozzy Osbourne spoke about his health on The Osbournes podcast.

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Ozzy Osbourne has struggled with his health for years. Now the singer reveals that he has to undergo another operation.

Just this summer, metal legend Ozzy Osbourne (74) had to cancel a planned appearance at the Power Trip Festival due to persistent back problems. In a newly released episode On the podcast “The Osbournes”, the 74-year-old revealed that he will soon undergo another operation on his back. “I’m going to have an epidural soon,” Osbourne said.

Fourth operation since 2019

The procedure was necessary because his doctors discovered that two vertebrae below his neck had “disintegrated and there is nothing left of them.” This was the result of an accident with a quad bike that the star suffered in 2003. This injury was aggravated by a fall in his house four years ago. Since then, the former singer of the metal band Black Sabbath has had to go under the knife three times – so now a fourth procedure follows.

When his son Jack Osbourne (37) asked what exactly would be done during the operation, neither Ozzy Osbourne nor his long-time wife Sharon (70) had an answer. “All I know is that I’m in a lot of pain at the moment. I feel very uncomfortable,” explained the “Prince of Darkness”.

He also revealed that “the two intervertebral discs in his back and the muscles on my shoulders had separated from my skeleton.” That’s why Osbourne would always lean slightly forward, “as if gravity were pushing my head forward.”

Ozzy Osbourne’s long story of suffering

The singer has suffered from ongoing health problems for decades. In addition to his quad bike accident and the nighttime fall in his house, he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease several years ago. Last September, Osbourne released his 13th solo album, “Patient Number 9.”

He actually wanted to go on tour recently, but had to cancel his farewell tour “No More Tours II” in February of this year with a heavy heart. In the same breath as the cancellation, Osbourne also announced the end of his touring career.


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