Immigration: Washington launches a “regional partnership” with Latin America

Joe Biden will announce on Friday June 10 a “regional partnershipwith Latin American countries on immigration, the White House announced, at the conclusion of a Summit of the Americas in Los Angeles that has been clouded by diplomatic tensions.

The American President “calls on all governments on migration routes to establish or strengthen asylum procedures in their respective countries, to guard their borders more effectively» and to identify «people who are not eligibleto the right of asylum, a senior US executive said in a telephone interview with reporters. However, she did not give many details about this “Los Angeles Declaration“, which must lay down the principle of a “shared responsibilityin the face of immigration. The senior White House official, who did not wish to be identified, said Washington does not “did not expect all the countries (from Latin America present at the summit) to sign” the text.

immigration, a thorny issue

The issue of immigration is very delicate politically for Joe Biden. The Republican opposition charges him with laxity as thousands try to cross the US southern border every day, while on the left he is blamed for not having put in place, as he had promised , a more humane immigration policy than that of his predecessor Donald Trump. The impact of the text that Washington wants to have adopted is all the more uncertain as Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, a crucial partner in the matter, is not present in Los Angeles. He protests against the decision of the United States not to invite Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua, because of “reservationsAmericans on democracy and human rights. Other leaders addressed the same reproach, verbally, to the American president during a plenary assembly Thursday.

This Summit of the Americas is supposed to relaunch the United States’ dialogue with a region that has not been at the heart of the Biden administration’s diplomatic concerns so far. It has not so far led to spectacular announcements in financial terms, rather to promises of partnership in economic matters, health or in the face of climate change.

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