In Ecuador, detainees surrender their weapons and pledge for peace in a prison

Ecuadorian detainees have surrendered their weapons and signed a pledge in favor of peace in their prison, announced Friday, July 2, the organization in charge of prisons in this country which experienced its worst prison crisis in February with the death of 79 prisoners. in clashes.

The event took place in a prison in Guayaquil (southwest), tweeted the national prison service. By signing this pledge for peace, the detainees declared “To seek tranquility, fraternity and solidarity within the prison population”, he added.

Prison overcrowding

In February, Ecuador saw a series of riots and gang clashes for control of the country’s main prisons, which resulted in the deaths of 79 inmates in a single day.

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Two weeks ago, police seized weapons and explosives from a Guayaquil prison after further riots left one prisoner dead and six injured.

Ecuador has about 60 penitentiary centers with a capacity of 29,000 places. But overcrowding is around 30%: 38,000 detainees, watched by 1,500 guards while, according to experts, it would take 4,000 for effective control.

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