In exchange for €50 for 6 months, would you be willing to open a parcel relay at your home?

Samir Rahmoune

November 20, 2023 at 4:09 p.m.


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A man passing a package to its recipient

A new way of distributing parcels could well in the future be of interest to all individuals who wish to make a little extra money.

Who would have believed it ? Parcels may be a good way to make money. Some thus participate in the annual sale of parcels carried out by post. Others, who may be lazier, simply wait at home for it to happen.

How ? Well quite simply by becoming an address where individuals can come and collect their packages, as many stores already do.

The novelty of home deposits

With the internet, the ways to make a little money on top of your salary have exploded. The proof with the question of packages. Before, it was a monopoly of La Poste and the major carriers. But today, it is possible to participate in this service, without doing much.

This is what reports RTL, who went to meet people whose homes have become a depot for private parcels. They only have to receive these from the carriers, before reporting the availability of the products.

cardboard parcel © Ivan Samkov / Pexels

© Ivan Samkov / Pexels

0.40 euros per package

When a package arrives, I scan it. Then, I send a message directly to the person to come pick it up » thus explains to RTL one of the participants in this new delivery scheme. Something of interest to all those who stay at home on a daily basis, whether for work from home or to raise children.

The reward for this service may appear modest at first glance, 0.40 euros per package depending on the same person. She thus managed to generate 50 euros over the last six months. But, as she says, “ With today’s economy, a penny is a penny. » And you, do you agree?

Source : RTL

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