In Florida, a couple films a mysterious ballet of luminous spheres



In the city of Daytona Beach, Florida, a retired police officer and his wife filmed an unidentified aerial phenomenon.

It was a strange ballet that unfolded on the evening of Saturday, May 28 in the night sky of Daytona Beach, Florida. Several luminous spheres appeared suddenly before engaging in intriguing evolutions, appearing and disappearing in turn and sometimes seeming to fall back into formation. The scene was filmed by a couple from their balcony who unfortunately preferred to remain anonymous.

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However, the witnesses left a relatively precise comment on the circumstances of their observation: “My wife and I had just left our apartment when we observed these lights hovering in the sky, in the shape of a V. They went on and went out. then lit up again, reappearing elsewhere in the sky. I managed to get video and a static shot of the objects using my cell phone. According to social media, these objects were seen all over Florida in the past two hours before my wife and I spotted them. I am a retired police officer for 30 years and have served in two branches of the military. I know what I’ve seen… And I’ve never seen anything like it before.”

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Difficult to favor a hypothesis likely to explain this aerial phenomenon. The movements of the luminous spheres do not seem to correspond to those of Thai lanterns, which, unless there are capricious winds, generally evolve along similar trajectories. As often, in these enigmatic observations, remotely controlled drones appear as ideal suspects. New elements may allow in the coming days to solve the mystery. Or not.

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