In Hamas massacre: Berlin assumes single-digit number of Germans killed

In Hamas massacre
Berlin assumes the number of Germans killed will be in the single digits

The Islamist Hamas kills hundreds of civilians in its major attack on Israel. There are also numerous foreigners among them. The Foreign Office now reports that a single-digit number of Germans also died in the massacre.

According to the federal government, Germans were also killed in the terrorist attack on Israel by the Islamist Palestinian organization Hamas. The government is assuming a single-digit number of German citizens “who have fallen victim to Hamas terror,” said a spokesman for the Foreign Office. The spokesman did not give any details.

The Foreign Office is in close contact with the Israeli authorities, the spokesman added. The federal government only confirms deaths once relatives have been notified.

The spokesman added that the German Foreign Ministry’s crisis preparedness list still contains a low three-digit number of people with German citizenship who are in the sealed-off Gaza Strip. We are in close contact with them and continually inform them about the current situation. We are also in constant communication with partners in the region in order to enable those people who want to leave the country.

Numerous foreign hostages in the Gaza Strip

According to Israeli figures, more than 1,400 people have been killed since Hamas’ attack began on October 7th. The terrorist organization also kidnapped almost 200 people in its major attack, including numerous foreigners.

Those affected usually have dual citizenship. Hamas’s military wing recently reported a total of “200 to 250” hostages. The radical Islamic Palestinian organization also published for the first time a video of a hostage kidnapped from Israel asking for his release.

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